Art Miami 2023’s Visual Feast


An Art Miami 2023 entrance

Art Miami, a prominent highlight of Miami's bustling Art Week, was the city's inaugural art fair and has since become one of the world's largest in terms of visitor numbers. This year, an ultra-exclusive group of VIP guests had early access to the fair on December 5, while the general public could enter from December 7. The fair extended until December 10, situated in the heart of Miami, directly adjacent to the waterfront at One Herald Plaza. Making its debut at Art Miami, Whitestone Gallery contributed to the essence of Miami Art Week.

All Eyes on Miami

Outside CONTEXT Art Miami

The esteemed art fair, along with numerous events and exhibitions during Miami Art Week, drew some of the world's top art galleries, attracting significant collectors and art enthusiasts. Art Miami included CONTEXT Art Miami, an art fair running concurrently, featuring curated booths, solo artist exhibitions, and special art projects. Complementing these, Aqua Art Miami, a smaller fair, unfolded in a South Beach hotel. Art Miami's presence during Miami Art Week solidifies the city's reputation as a cultural destination and a hub for the arts.

Art Miami in Three Parts

A public installation at CONTEXT Art Miami

To best enjoy the three main sections of Art Miami, visitors could first meander through the rows of galleries sporting brightly colored artworks. The fair provided a number of re-fueling stations, including an outdoor lounge area overlooking the bay.

Thankfully, the distance to travel to CONTEXT was not far, as this section of the fair took place directly adjacent to the main section, so that guests could enjoy its public installations and booths with ease. Public installations were radiant and dramatic, much like the fair itself. Although Aqua Art Miami happened across the bay near Miami Beach, a trip to Miami is not complete without a visit to the iconic locale.

Miami Locals Bring Festivity to the Fair

A gallerist explains artworks in Whitestone Gallery's booth

Art Miami brought out the vibrance and energy of the city of Miami in full force. During the Platinum VIP Opening and VIP Opening on December 5, spectators could enjoy not only beautiful artworks but also flashy and bright outfits. Fair-goers, some wearing high-fashion garb and others in glittery costumes or full-body veils, came in large numbers. VIPs not only appreciated the artworks but also relished the artistry in their attire as they immersed themselves in the atmosphere of the fair. The fair even provided a live music act and art event to energize the already buzzing crowd.

A visitor in a veil views Soonik Kwon's artworks at Art Miami 2023

On December 6, the atmosphere was more somber, but occasional bursts of vibrant characters added color to the scene. From the public opening on December 7 to December 10, visitors consistently frequented the fair, with an increasing presence of younger visitors and young families at One Herald Plaza. Notably, Miami's dog-friendly ambiance extended to the art fair – service dogs and regular dogs alike enjoyed the art fair with their owners.

A canine visitor to Art Miami 2023

Whitestone's Colorful Appeal

Whitestone Gallery's booth at Art Miami 2023

Although many of the galleries present at Art Miami were local American art galleries, several international galleries also presented booths at the fair, and Whitestone Gallery numbered among these galleries. Whitestone Gallery made its debut at Art Miami, and the gallery created an impression with locals and out-of-town visitors with a vibrantly-colored booth that balanced minimalist abstract works with cute, fun, and ornate art pieces.

The bright and heavily detailed works of Kohei Kyomori, in particular, made a splash with young visitors, many of whom took selfies or posed for photos next to his pieces and inquired about the artist.

From Whitestone Gallery's booth at Art Miami 2023, Kohei Kyomori’s artwork.

A slightly older crowd took to the pop of blue and yellow in the mixed media artworks "Interstice - Pile up & Rub (10-5)," and, "Interstice - Pile up & Rub (10-6)," by Soonik Kwon. Clearly, it was attention-grabbing colors that appealed to the Miami audience.

From Whitestone Gallery's booth at Art Miami 2023, Soonik Kwon’s artwork.

Some Miamians embraced their softer side, however, with many guests stopping by the booth to smile at the sight of sweet ceramic works by Miyako Terakura.

From Whitestone Gallery's booth at Art Miami 2023, Miyako Terakura’s artwork.

Whitestone Gallery's booth at Art Miami 2023

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