Art Fair and City Unite: Highlights from ART SG and Singapore Art Week


Whitestone Gallery's booth at ART SG 2024

The second edition of Art SG took place at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, a prestigious venue nestled amidst Singapore. Building upon the previous year, our gallery engaged in this dynamic art fair, which adds vibrancy to the cultural landscape of the Lion City alongside Singapore Art Week (SAW). Reflecting on the event, Whitestone Gallery Singapore shares insights from the fair, which drew over 45,000 visitors.

What is ART SG And SAW?

Visitors exploring the space of Art SG

The second edition of Art SG occurred from 19 January to 21 January 2024, with VIP and Vernissage Day on 18 January. 114 galleries from various countries came together to showcase their art to visitors, many of whom were collectors. The art fair also held talks and programs exploring thought-provoking conversations with the top minds in the art world while delving deep into Southeast Asian contemporary culture within the global art landscape.

Art SG also happened to fall during Singapore Art Week (SAW) — an eventful time for art enthusiasts and galleries. SAW begins from 19 January to 28 January 2024, with events ranging from performance art, light installations, physical exhibitions, tours, and trails. It is truly an event where Singapore is colored by art and culture, with many art-related events for anyone to enjoy and appreciate.

Sculpting Space: Intriguing Works at Whitestone Booth

Philip Colbert posing with his army of lobsters

Art SG 2024 had a successful run, attracting over 45,000 visitors. Our booth received much attention, especially the playful display of Philip Colbert's Lobsters on a pedestal. The Lobster comes in three variations – black, blue, and red suits – and was highly popular among visitors. Many were seen taking photos of the army of lobsters and even selfies. To top it off, Philip Colbert visited our booth, making the event even more iconic.

Li Wei and Liu Zhiyin ”Rising Sun” 2020, 118.0×36.0×45.0cm, Bronze patina

Li Wei & Liu Zhiyin’s sculptures were among the best-selling artworks at our booth, the most popular being their sculpture. The refined, rounded forms and serene hues of bronze used in the sculptures brought a sense of quiet tranquility to the surroundings, captivating collectors immensely. Countless visitors were mesmerized by the exquisite artistry of each sculpture, taking their time to admire them from every angle.

Mr Koei Shiraishi, Whitestone Gallery CEO giving a tour to a group of visitors

Woven Wonders: Delving into Marcos Kueh's Intricate Patterns

Marcos Kueh’s Kenyalang Circus: Nenek Moyang (2024) at ART SG

I was especially enraptured by the large installation by Marcos Kueh, Kenyalang Circus: Nenek Moyang (2024), displayed near the exit. The level of intricacy and precision in each pattern woven into the textile was genuinely remarkable. The sheer size of the textile was also impressive, spanning a remarkable 8 meters in length. The artwork was part of the Platform section of Art SG that focuses on large-scale and site-specific installations.

Singapore Art Week is where people come together to enjoy art in this diverse city. It is an excellent opportunity for visitors to experience the richness of Singapore's art scene. I always look forward to this time of the year as there is so much to see and do, and through this event, it is evident that art truly brings people together.

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