Beyond Boundaries: Whitestone Gallery's Artistic Odyssey in Singapore


Whitestone Gallery Singapore / New Art Museum Singapore

After hosting a pre-opening event in January 2023, Whitestone Gallery has now officially inaugurated its new art hub in Singapore. The eagerly awaited grand opening occurred in October, promising art enthusiasts and collectors an alluring art immersion. This fresh Whitestone Gallery venue shares its space with the 'New Art Museum Singapore,' creating a harmonious blend of art and culture in the heart of Singapore. Situated in the thriving art district of Tanjong Pagar Distripark (TPD), this gallery is poised to become a central hub for Southeast Asian art.

Whitestone Gallery Singapore / New Art Museum Singapore

Whitestone Gallery's recently established hub, which gained attention since its pre-opening in January 2023, achieved a new milestone with its grand opening on October 14. This significant day marked a momentous occasion for art enthusiasts, signifying the commencement of an exciting new art journey.

Prior to the official opening, a special preview on the 12th welcomed art enthusiasts and media personalities to explore the new gallery space. In an artistic endeavor that marked her first solo exhibition in Singapore, Miwa Komatsu, the renowned artist, embarked on a live public art creation. She dedicated her prayers to a grand, golden canvas crafting a masterpiece.

Miwa Komatsu: Sense of Sacredness Whitestone Gallery Singapore

Miwa Komatsu during her public production at Whitestone Gallery Singapore, Photo by Tatsuya Azuma.

Also in the evening, guests had the privilege of attending a talk session by Ronald Ventura, the artist behind the solo exhibition at the New Art Museum Singapore. During this engaging session at the "1880 Club," Ventura shared his perspectives on the captivating worlds of art and supercars.

Ronald Ventura: An Introspective New Art Museum Singapore

On the 13th, the VIP Preview Day offered an exclusive sneak peek of the new art space to invited VIP guests, a day before the official grand opening. Moreover, an exciting collaboration party with "1880 Club" and "ArtReview" unfolded on the same day, featuring an engaging Q&A session with the participating artists.

On October 14, the highly anticipated grand opening drew a substantial crowd of attendees, marking the culmination of anticipation. Notably, the event witnessed a ribbon-cutting ceremony featuring Whitestone Gallery CEO, Koei Shiraishi, celebrated architect Kengo Kuma, who oversaw the gallery and museum's redesign, as well as the artists of the respective solo exhibitions, Miwa Komatsu and associates. This momentous occasion symbolized the official inauguration of the new space.

Amid the excitement of the grand opening ceremony, Whitestone Gallery presented an engaging dialogue session between Miwa Komatsu, the artist headlining the gallery's grand opening solo exhibition, and Tan Siuli, a renowned expert in contemporary art from Southeast Asia. The exchange of ideas provided a deeper insight into the world of art and Komatsu's creative philosophy to visitors.

Talk session: Artist Miwa Komatsu and Curator Tan Siuli

Whitestone Gallery continues to break new ground in the realm of art, overcoming the hurdles presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and expanding its footprint. In May 2023, the gallery established its presence in Beijing, followed by a gallery in Seoul in September, and now, in October, we're proud to unveil our new space in Singapore. With these international hubs, Whitestone Gallery is fostering a global artistic dialogue, making significant contributions to the ever-evolving art landscape.

As we celebrate the grand opening of our Singapore gallery, we also celebrate the profound power of art to transcend boundaries and connect the world through a shared appreciation of the boundless beauty of human imagination. Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate more encounters with emerging talents and engaging dialogues inspired by remarkable artworks. Whitestone Gallery's unwavering commitment to artistic excellence promises an exciting future for art lovers and enthusiasts across the globe.

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