A Kaleidoscope of Creativity: Delving into the 2024 Mango Art Festival


Mango Art Festival 2024 at Whitestone Gallery Booth

Mango Art Festival is one of the most significant events in Bangkok’s rapidly progressing art scene. Its 4th edition took place on May 7-12 and has been held in one of the city’s highlights - River City Bangkok. The four-story mall located at the bank of the picturesque Chao Phraya River is well known, not only among art enthusiasts. There you can find antiques, collectibles, and Thai crafts shops, run by both local and international vendors. That truly unique space welcomed 18 galleries from Thailand and abroad, a variety of independent artists, and many young talents making their first steps as professionals. Hundreds of artworks made by artists with various backgrounds created an undoubtedly fascinating atmosphere.

Colorful diversity

Visitors also had a chance to witness performances, enjoy live music, and participate in profound art-related talks with experienced speakers from many parts of the world. In addition to that, there also was a section for fine crafts like pottery, jewelry, and other accessories. Whitestone Gallery joined the Mango Art Festival in 2024 for the very first time as a major art vendor of the whole event and introduced prominent artists to the Thai and international public.

Immerse yourself in friendly atmosphere

Bangkok is already a very popular tourist destination with almost 23 million people visiting it in 2023. It’s known for its vibrant street life, extremely rich cultural heritage, and world-famous cuisine but the Mango Art Festival gives it even more brightness and flavor. Both locals and guests from overseas came to the River City Bangkok in large numbers from the very first day. People of all ages enjoyed the atmosphere of the fair, which was easy to attend due to its inclusiveness and unpretentious vibe. While talking to extremely friendly artists, vendors, and guests you could feel like being among friends.

Whitestone Gallery as biggest art vendor of the fair

Whitestone was no exception. Attracted by Philip Colbert’s artwork at the entrance of our booth, art lovers wanted to see more and learn about our artists. Many were already familiar with Colbert, not only because of his reputation but also his iconic art installation at Siam Paragon for the Thai New Year celebration. The charm of his lobsters had its effect, drawing many visitors to admire Colbert’s works in our booth.

The Fukushima-based art trio Three was equally popular. Their well-known three-dimensional works made from Japanese pop culture figurines delighted our guests, who eagerly searched for their favorite characters hidden in the intricate compositions. Many visitors in their 30s also reminisced about their childhood days while admiring the classic Game Boys remade in Three’s distinctive style.


Whitestone Gallery presented two more Japanese artists. Ahhi Choi’s works were admired for their design values, while Kyomori’s paintings enchanted our guests with their precise craftsmanship and delicate compositions. Many visitors enjoyed learning the stories behind the works and eagerly asked more questions about the artists' oeuvres and achievements.

Explore Three's Work

Wu Shuang, a renowned Chinese expressionist, was very popular among abstract art lovers. Her combination of vivid colors, confident brushstrokes, and deliberate composition drew much attention and appreciation from those who looked beyond simplicity and obvious patterns. Last but not least, the captivating, fairytale-like sculptures by Li Wei and Liu Zhiyin brought smiles to countless faces.

Explore Li Wei and Liu Zhiyin's Work

It's just the beginning

Mango Art Festival was a resounding success, drawing numerous visitors and featuring a wide variety of artists, galleries, works, and events like talks and live performances. We recommend the fair to anyone looking to immerse themselves in a friendly, modest atmosphere and explore Asian independent art. The next edition will be held at the same conveniently located venue, which offers much more than just art. While Thailand’s art scene is still growing, fairs like this are accelerating its rise, helping it achieve a solid position in both the Asian and global markets.

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