Turning the World into a Playground: Florentijn Hofman's 'MORE Yellow' Solo Exhibition

Florentijn Hofman『MORE Yellow』Whitestone Ginza New Gallery

Experience surprise and joy at the solo exhibition "MORE Yellow" by Dutch artist Florentjin Hofman, currently showcased at Whitestone New Ginza Gallery. This exhibition, which started during the "Rubber Duck" project's 10-year anniversary in Hong Kong, provides a glimpse into Hofman's creative process and innovative ideas through a children's workshop event held during the reception.

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An Unexpected Doorway to Art Emerges in Everyday Life

The exhibition view

Dutch contemporary artist Florentijn Hofman has garnered acclaim for his impressive contributions to the field of contemporary public art through his extensive installations and sculptures. Among his noteworthy creations is the renowned "Rubber Duck" series. By enlarging a common bath toy to monumental proportions and situating it in diverse environments, Hofman encourages observers to perceive the world from a new perspective, opening their minds to an extraordinary realm of imagination.

Since its inception in 2007, the "Rubber Duck" endeavor has captivated global audiences as it traversed various countries, including Hong Kong, the United States, Canada, South Korea, and Japan. Now, in 2023, after a decade, the project revisits Hong Kong, establishing a connection with Florentijn Hofman's inaugural solo exhibition in Japan, aptly named "More Yellow." Within the gallery space, three emblematic yellow rubber ducks emanate a cozy and welcoming ambiance, embodying the essence of the project.

The "Double Ducks" project in Hong Kong in 2023, Photo courtesy of AllRightsReserved.

Titled "Double Ducks," the Hong Kong project shares a thematic connection with Florentijn Hofman's inaugural solo exhibition in Japan, "More Yellow." Positioned affectionately at the heart of the gallery, three rubber ducks prominently reside. The vivid yellow hue, serving as the primary color of the artwork, permeates the entire space, creating a friendly environment for all visitors.

Inspiring Boundless Imagination through Children's Creativity

A view of the workshop.

Amidst his involvement in the Double Ducks project in Hong Kong, Hofman embarked on a visit to Japan to make preparations for the exhibition. During his stay, on Saturday, June 17, Hofman conducted a workshop with children to teach them about scale to ratio using clay and miniature figures.

A view of the workshop.

The workshop commenced where the children were instructed to bring their toys as a base for the clay to shape their envisioned artworks. As the children engrossed themselves in crafting their unique creations, the artist attentively positioned human figures alongside the finished artworks, offering the young participants a simulated encounter with the ongoing project he had been dedicated to. Observing the children in their creative process, the artist occasionally collaborated while providing guidance and advice, engaging in conversations with those wholly absorbed in their imaginative pursuits, sharing heartfelt admiration for the wonders of artistic creation.

A clay work modeled by Hofman after a young girl who participated in the workshop.

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Infusing the World with Vibrant Colors: 'MORE Yellow'

Florentijn Hofman《Snubnosed Monkey Study 1+2+3》2017, 28.5 × 28.5 cm, Panel, Paper, Color Pencil.

In his inaugural solo exhibition in Japan, "MORE Yellow," Hofman emphasizes the significance of the color that’s commonly associated with happiness, playfulness and friendship. The exhibition features elements from his various public large-scale works throughout the years, reimagining them in ceramic form, alongside his ‘Line’ series of works in steel, inspired by his line drawings. Furthermore, an exclusive reveal of previously unseen sketches and drawings from his studio archives are on display for the very first time.

The gallery comes to life with a vibrant display of Hofman's iconic and witty sculpture animals. Inspired by the artist's favorite color, "yellow," the playfulness of this hue is enhanced by the interplay of complementary colors, creating a dynamic experience that reflects the ever-changing emotions of the viewers. For example his minimalistic ‘Line’ works that depict animals, to explore the essence and beauty of form and shape. Hofman intentionally selected endangered animals as the subject matter and created the shapes much larger than life size to emphasize the humbling force of nature. For Hofman, most of his works isolate a certain element to emphasize and enhance the constant pursue for a simplified and purified aesthetic experience.

Hofman explains, "When I exhibited my works in Hong Kong and Taipei previously, I titled the exhibition 'Play Around the World,' reflecting the essence of my creative purpose. This time, I named it 'MORE Yellow' to encourage people to play, be amazed, and reconnect with their inner child. I want visitors to enjoy the exhibition as if they were sitting or lying on the floor, experiencing the world from a different perspective." During interviews and workshops, Hofman himself exuded childlike enthusiasm while delighting in the exhibition and its production.

Florentijn Hofman

Hofman's artwork transcends the boundaries of everyday life, encouraging viewers to embrace alternative perspectives through the allure of color and form. This universal appeal allows his creations to inspire individuals of all ages, from children to adults. Don't miss the opportunity to explore Florentijn Hofman's "More Yellow" solo exhibition, on display until July 15, 2023.

The exhibition view

The exclusive online exhibition of "MORE Yellow" is accessible solely to members of the online platform. Embrace this opportunity to fully immerse yourself in Hofman's imaginative artistic expression, even in the digital realm.

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