Morita Manabu by WOOD


April 1, 2022


Brand-new works created for this exhibition will be “junction points” where his process of so far and here and now have crossed each other: alterations of materials, diversified layers of coloration, and vicissitudes of his creation style itself―these so far elements will be reviewed as messages of the times and taken on different appearances in the phase of here and now.

Morita Manabu by WOOD

The characters depicted by Morita are AI residents of a digital landscape. They are data ー lifeless yet with an ego. The residents of this world are void of emotions and an infinite amount of time. They pass the time by comprehending the essence of the human experience by emulating and watching footage left by the vestiges of humanity.

Border Series

Sand Series

City Series

Shadow Series


Morita Manabu by WOOD

Playful styles, selection of mediums fit with the times―the works of Morita Mbnabu by WOOD, who is supported by not only young but also a wide range of generations, give the viewers a feeling of freedom unrelated to any medium. The tendency is especially remarkable in his usage of “white”, his representative color. “White”― the color of consequence, in which all the vivid colors are absorbed―accentuates three-dimensional charms to the works.

Apparently wearing a light atmosphere, his point of view increases profundity every time we look at; it is affected by his enormous amount of consumption of animations and comic strips from his childhood. 

Gallery Exhibition

Morita Manabu by WOOD


April 1 - 23, 2022

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