Galaxy Carnival

February 19, 2022


Karen Shiozawa is consistently seeking to expand the realm of communication mediated through her work. The boundless galaxy is the major scene in Shiozawa’s works. Using acrylic, oil, alkyd resin on the wood board to build up the exceptional appealing layers of light and shadow in the Milky Way. 

Growing up in the Netherlands, her compositions and lines feature European elements, such as wooden windmills, classic-style arch and church steeples. To present the vision and realistic scenes, Shiozawa puts down a preliminary surface then scrapes the paint away with different sizes of technical pens. Through her paintings, the audiences could take a glimpse of the imaginary connection of their inner consciousness along with the breach of the world. 


I would like to create artworks which can capture people's voice of heart that people could not notice in the real world.

Playing the eternal moment 2021

A new star 2021

I’m interested in all mysterious things on earth. Stars are very mysterious. To imagine the moment when a star was born is to think about the time we live in now. Today, with every tick of the clock, a new star is being born somewhere far away.

The Sketch of "Träumerei"

When we are asleep, we walk through an infinite number of dream worlds. Some experiences are very memorable, while others are forgotten when we wake up. But the memories we have of the inhabitants of our dreams, which we enjoyed so much, are still there, vague but definite, in a corner of our memory. Today we go to sleep again, hoping that one day we will meet again.

Have you ever imagined a world beyond the clouds? Do you find yourself longing and hoping for something that is beyond your reach?

Clock tower tells leap seconds 2021



Born in Kanagawa in 1998, Karen Shiozawa spent several years of her childhood in the Netherlands and is currently a postgraduate student at Tokyo Zokei University. Shiozawa is consistently seeking to expand the realm of communication mediated through her work. While projecting her childhood memories and everyday feelings into the two-dimensional works, she is also aiming to represent a world that is perceived through means other than sight by cultivating the ways of expression using sound, light, and three-dimensional forms. She was awarded the Best Formative Art Prize at the Asian Creative Art Exhibition 2018 held at The National Art Center, Tokyo.

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Galaxy Carnival

February 12 - March 27, 2022

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