Dialogue between the Artisan Mind and Contemporary Art


Yung Zing Tung × Whitestone Gallery collaboration

This creative collaboration, inspired by Yung Zing Tung’s aesthetic rooted in traditional oriental culture, breathes new life into contemporary art. The dialogue between craftsmanship and contemporary art is an exploration of the spiritual journey of artisans, and the artist’s pursuit of skills and craftsmanship.

Yung Zing Tung × Whitestone Gallery collaboration

On November 25, 2023, a special event unfolded at Yung Zing Tung, fostering a profound dialogue between craftsmanship and modern artistic expression.

Yung Zing Tung × Whitestone Gallery collaboration

The presentation of contemporary art features three artists from Whitestone Gallery: TJ Ren, Yu Li, and Jiang Miao. Their works are of a unique style and originated in Eastern traditions — TJ Ren’s mastery of bronze and aluminum, Yu Li’s exploration of stone and ink forms, and Jiang Miao’s vivid depictions of life intertwine with the timeless qualities of bronze. Reflecting stability and artistry, their creations become a powerful inheritance for future generations.

Yung Zing Tung × Whitestone Gallery collaboration

This exhibition also presents pieces selected by ATELIER YONG. The Collector's Room, including works by SIN SIN MAN, ATELIER V&F, and ATELIER YONG. The Collector's Room is a new project under YUNG ZING TUNG, which has strong expertise in collecting metal art and aims to serve families to pass down its legacy for generations to come.

ATELIER V&F's furniture piece selected by ATELIER YONG

TJ Ren’s artwork

Yu Li’s artwork

Jiang Miao’s artwork

Whitestone Gallery will participate in MOORDN Art 2023 as a part of the Special Presentation with Yung Zing Tung. We look forward to sharing more about the enriching experience of the creative collaboration.

About MOORDN Art Fair

Exhibition Period: December 8-December 11, 2023
【Preview for Prestige Collectors】*Participation by invitation only
December 8th 10:00-21:00
December 9th 10:00-17:30
【Public Open Day】
December 10th 10:00-17:30
December 11th 10:00-16:30
Exhibition Venue: L2 Exhibition Hall, Nanfeng International Convention & Exhibition Center, Guangzhou, China

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