First Solo Exhibition by K. Tsai CAI, Taipei's Renowned TV Personality

December 22, 2022 Taipei

When it comes to Taipei’s television host, the very person that immediately comes to mind would be K. Tsai CAI. Hosting numerous programs and as a popular writer, his first solo exhibition as an artist showcased at Whitestone Gallery Taipei, "Always for You" on December 16, 2022. Building a career as an artist, presenter, and art collector, he shares his enthusiasm for his first solo exhibition.

ー In addition working as a writer and television host, you are also a well known art collector. How did you become an artist?

Tsai: There are many art works that people may not resonate with. For example, at the International Biennale, many spectators come face to face with a variety of enigmatic works. They contemplate on the piece and feel a sense of distance and confusion feeling their own ignorance or insignificance in understanding the work.

While viewing an artwork, we tend to always be concerned with what the artist is expressing, and rarely notice or identify what we “appreciate” in return. Does it give us a sense of comfort? Does it make us smile? Or in our most vulnerable moments, give us strength?

After thinking that way for a long time, I decided to create the art that I wanted.

From the exhibition view

ー How does your work as a Television personality and as an artist influence each other?

Tsai: Whether you’re a television host or writer, to achieve a certain degree of success, means you must be mindful and have a genuine interest in people while juggling your persona. When I create my works, I always have someone in mind that I’m creating for.

From the exhibition view

ー I see that you always write words or sentences in your works.

Tsai: I have used words in various directions for decades, and I care deeply about the power of “words” and "sentences". My works are "sentences" and I create them in the belief that they will find an owner who truly needs them.

From the exhibition view, K. Tsai CAI《Take Me Away》2022, 100 x 100 cm, Acrylic on canvas

ー What is your routine during the production stage?

Tsai: When I come up with a sentence, I’d set it aside for a few days before coming back to re-evaluate my feelings for them. If I still feel the same way about the sentence, I’d visualize the person who’d see the work. Who would it be? How would they see it differently from their perspective? Only after it’s been thoroughly throughout that I can really begin to paint a picture.

K. Tsai CAI in production

ー This exhibition, "Always for You" is Mr.Tsai's first exhibition as an artist. What is the intention behind the name of the title?

Tsai: I’ll never forget a famous sentence from Hayao Miyazaki’s film, "Spirited Away"ー “Nothing that happens is ever forgotten, even if you can't remember." This inspired the underlying theme of the exhibition, “If you don’t recall (the emotional weight and value of the words or sentences), I’ll be your custodian.”

From the exhibition view, K. Tsai CAI《Everything》2022, 95.8 x 115 cm, Lenticular plate

ー The concept behind your work is “Seeking for quiet words, searching how they are presented in life and experiencing the relationship between words and ourselves.” What kind of existence does language have for you?

Tsai: Language is the and words are the embodiment of the soul. Once they’ve been taken away, our spirits will be locked in a lonely cage. In an era when words are easily undermined and abused, I want to keep the words alive and re-gift them as a way to reciprocate and cherish one another.

The artist's words written in one of the rooms of the exhibition hall. In English, it means “I don’t expect you to understand me through my works; instead, I hope you understand yourself through them.”

ー Any final words for the audience?

Tsai: There is no correct or specific “way of seeing” or “understanding”. Those who are familiar with Chinese characters, will find the works easy to relate to. Viewers are free to emotionally engage and feed their own narratives from the works.

K. Tsai CAI in production

Speaking of the texts that appear in his works, K. Tsai CAI states, "Each word or sentence that evokes a smile or tear has their own very color and form.” The vivid canvases catch the eye in that are delicately written. What do you feel from these colors and forms? Explore K. Tsai CAI's solo exhibition "Always for You" held until February 4, 2023.

From the exhibition view

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