K. Tsai CAI Solo Exhibition: Always for You


December 16, 2022 – February 4, 2023


Words play a key role in our lives; however, we are just not aware of them. The whole concept of the exhibition is “Seeking for quiet words, searching how they are presented in life and experiencing the relationship between words and ourselves.” Tsai says: “In these works, I hope people can feel different strength all over again.”

Tsai thinks that many people who use words do not appreciate words anymore. Words are invaluable and should be treasured. They won’t give strength to people who have abused words eventually. Tsai advises that audience re-encounter these words on canvas instead of meeting them for the first time, stating “I want to find those words or sentences which enable us to relax and take a rest. That sentence may be a password; once you enter it, you will be touched.”

Tsai creates works for diligent people in their lives. He hopes the audience can understand themselves through his works. He wants to put audience at ease rather than make them anxious. Tsai would like to create works to tug at people’s heartstrings rather drain them. Both cute paintings and great ones are good; nevertheless, to most people, they are neither cute nor great. “I would like to make some works for those people who are neither cute nor great but are striving for their lives. Words are tools for living but they are charms for souls.” Tsai says.

K. Tsai CAI

Art Events

This exhibition is not the first for K. Tsai. Since 2005, he and Cai Guo-Qiang created the "Trading Place" project, and was also invited to serve as the judge of Takashi Murakami's GEISAI MUSEUM competition. He also participated in the "One Carat Dream" exhibition held by Mando-rock band, Mayday’s vocalist Ashin, and created two installation works including a video artwork, and has written for art columns. K. Tsai has also published contemporary art book, "K. Tsai CAI and Friends Who Buy Paintings", and now recently showcased his solo exhibition, "Always for You--K. Tsai CAI".

No Longer Treating Words Ordinarily

Words play a key role in our lives; however, we are simply not aware of them. The "headline" articles on the Internet have a powerful impact and often succumb to their beliefs, and we often lose the true sense of words. We know that words are powerful devices but on the other hand, we have become numb to its purpose.

Finding Words That Allows Us to Reexamine Our Lives

I searched for “quiet” words and rediscovered the relationship we have with them.
There are many works of art full of vitality and passion, but what I want to convey is serenity.
There are words and phrases in daily life that we turn a blind eye to. I want to give them a spotlight. When a phrase or word is isolated, they become more evocative. I’m looking for words that are relatable and prompts us to think about our lives; not words from a Spring Festival couplet or from Chinese calligraphy.
The words of protests anger us and words from advertisements cost us money. Therefore, words that ask nothing of us deserve to be treated well, no?

Search for Words of Respite and Reuniting

Many people no longer cherish the sentiments of words. Words are precious, and I want to cherish them. They been severely misused that in the end, no longer give people the strength they need. You have not come to meet these words for the first time at the exhibition. You have come to re-encounter them. Companies, schools, and gyms are all plastered with words asking us to “work harder”. I want to find the words or phrases that tell us to rest. At the exhibit, I hope that the very phrase you encounter may well be received as a secret code; once you dial into it, empowers you.

For Those Who Are Struggling, Know Thy Self Through the Discovery of Words

I don’t expect the audiences to understand me through my works; instead, I hope they understand themselves through them. I’d like audiences to feel at ease and not become anxiety induced by figuring out what I’m trying to convey. I’d like to create works that are heartwarming rather than draining. There are lovely and grandiose paintings that are wonderful. However, to many are neither relatable. I’d like to create works for those who do not relate but are doing their best. Words are tools we need for life, but is soup for the soul.

First Solo Exhibition by K. Tsai CAI, Taipei's Renowned TV Personality


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K. Tsai CAI

K. Tsai CAI Solo Exhibition: Always for You
December 16, 2022 – February 4, 2023


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