Important Notice:【Scam Alert】Beware of Scams Claiming to be From Whitestone Gallery.

March 11, 2022

It has come to our attention that another website is illegally posing under the name Whitestone Gallery. As cyber crime is becoming increasingly diverse, we have already reported to the police in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and China, where we have our operations, regarding this scam. We urge our customers to take precautions.

Fraudulent Situation
Yayoi Kusama’s NFT work is sold by an organisation called 'Japan NFT Culture Association', which states that Whitestone is the custodian. We have NO association whatsoever with the above-mentioned organisation. The name “Whitestone Gallery” that appears on the 'certificate of custody' of the artwork is but a complete forgery.

Counter-measure Actions
Please beware of online sales and websites that do NOT affiliate with the official website. Sales and events that are relevant will be announced on our official website. Note that we DO NOT offer artworks on NFT for the time being.

▼Whitestone Gallery Official Website

In the past, there have been other fraudulent activities in the form of illegal sales activities posing as Whitestone employees. Please also be aware of contacts from email domains different from those listed below:

▼Whitestone Gallery Official domains:

▼ Scam News Details
Please inform us immediately if there are suspicious sales and or websites posing as Whitestone Gallery. Contact us below:

Whitestone Gallery (Ginza)

Telephone Contact:
English (Hong Kong): +852 2523 8001
Chinese (Taiwan) : +886 2 8751 1185
Japanese (Japan) : +81 3 3574 6161‬


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