"Literature is an imaginative realm of landscapes, while wealth and status are ephemeral clouds and mist."

– A quote from Night Talks by the Hearth, 122nd Story

The phrase "Literature is an imaginative realm of landscapes, while wealth and status are ephemeral clouds and mist" derives from Night Talks by the Hearth, a book written by Wang Yongbin during the Qing Dynasty. The phrase "Literature is an imaginative realm of landscapes" refers to the ability of words and phrases in a piece of writing to transform into a certain mood or setting, allowing readers to see beyond the words and triggering boundless/endless imagination. The meaning of the phrase is "literature is like landscapers, captivating and enduring through generations, while wealth and status are like the ephemeral illusions of smoke and clouds." This applies not only to writings but also to works of art. Profound creations guide viewers into a dimension beyond the surface of the medium, delving into the intuitive world of the creators and transforming into myriad landscapes through the internalization of the viewer's perception.

This exhibition invites Eight Chinese artists spanning generations and media, showcasing numerous paintings and sculptures alongside experiences with digital media. Among them, we have Jiang Miao, renowned for her multidimensional graphic creations over the years, present her first digital artwork in this exhibition. Yang Yongliang, known for incorporating mountains and urban architecture into his creations, will also exhibit his latest narrative film with a markedly different style.

Bao Pei's works combine the characteristics of printmaking and oil painting to reconstruct a new language. Wang Yi's pieces explore the relationship between urban development, ideology, and natural history through abstract forms and contemporary materials. The poetic essence emanating from the works of Li Wei and Liu Zhiyin reflects contemporary aspirations, creating resonance between viewers and artworks. Wu Shuang blends various bright colours, initially appearing stark in contrast yet harmoniously melded. TJ Ren's calligraphy, painting and sculpture are independent entities, yet they are interrelated and transform one another.

Encompassing traditional and modern media, the interwoven creations in this exhibition Timeless Masterpieces: Contemporary Chinese Art Through the Age aspire to be contemporary poetry transcending time, enduring perpetually.

Bao Pei, Spring Blossoms on a Moonlit River, 2024 Handmade paper, tempera, printing ink, 219.0 × 206.0 cm

Jiang Miao, Mindfulness 2023.11.11, 2023 Acrylic on aluminum board, carving, 220.0 x 660.0 cm

Li Wei & Liu Zhiyin, White Moonlight, 2024 Stainless steel, 123.0 × 33.0 × 40.0 cm

TJ Ren, Impression of NPM VII, 2023 Acrylic on canvas, 200.0 × 200.0 cm

Wang Yi, Hub 2022-6, 2021-2022 Acrylic, graphite on canvas, 120.0 × 120.0 cm

Wu Shuang, Fireworks of the Ocean Floor, 2024 Acrylic on canvas, 112.0 × 290.0 cm

Yang Yongliang, Dragon, 2022 Giclee print on paper, 160.0 × 130.0 cm

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Opening Reception

2024.06.22 3:00pm
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Guest Appearance:
Pei Sian Ng, SSO cello principal
Wang Yan, SSO cello player


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