Born in 1967, Ren Sihong is a Chinese Contemporary artist. Ren graduated from Oil Painting Department at Hebei Normal University in 1991. Thereafter, Ren attended the Teaching Assistance Program in Oil Painting Department at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. In 1993, he had his first solo exhibition in Central Academy of Fine Arts and became a full-time artist. Ren was also an artist in residence at the artists village in Yuan Ming Yuan Garden in Beijing.

His most sensational sculptural work Extravagant Era has put him into the limelight. His other work For a Girl’s Birthday in the Summer of 1994, was later selected for the 3rd Annual Exhibition of Chinese Oil Painting. Inspired by Grandmasters ranging from Picasso to Matisse and Miró, Ren’s works challenge traditional understandings towards painting and often leave viewers perplexities. The human body and sexual desire are recurring themes in Ren’s early artworks.The artist deconstructs human’s cravings and exaggerates them by creating a metaphorical and symbolic painting vocabulary.

After many years of explores and experiments, from 2017 he started a new series of works and adopted Abstract Expressionism, a more daring and fearless way to paint. He also incorporates Buddhist ideas in his works. His art is magnificent and yet the energy is profoundly intense, the viewers can be immersed in the seemingly moving brushstrokes and let their thoughts flow.




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