From Whimsy to Tranquility: A Dual Showcase in Seoul with Chaumeton and Tsubota


Sebastian Chaumeton in public production

Whitestone Gallery Seoul proudly presents a dual showcase of artistic brilliance, featuring the debut exhibition of British artist Sebastian Chaumeton and the mesmerizing creations of Japanese artist Masayuki Tsubota. From March 30th to April 28th, immerse yourself in a captivating journey through the realms of imagination, motion, and memory.

"Little Movements of Mediums" by Sebastian Chaumeton

"SEBASTIAN CHAUMETON: Little Movements of Mediums" Whitestone Gallery Seoul

Step into the whimsical world of British artist Sebastian Chaumeton with his debut exhibition, "Little Movements of Mediums." Beyond traditional canvases, Chaumeton's art extended onto the very walls of the gallery, with original works painted directly for this immersive experience. This unprecedented approach blurs the boundaries between art and environment, inviting visitors to become part of the artwork itself.

Sebastian Chaumeton in public production

Adding to the spectacle, the exhibition proudly collaborates with Bentley, infusing a touch of automotive elegance into Chaumeton's playful compositions. This collaboration serves as a testament to the universality of creativity and the fusion of diverse artistic influences. As visitors engage with Chaumeton's vibrant tapestry of colors and characters, they are encouraged to embrace the spirit of creativity and playfulness, sparking conversations and connections with fellow art lovers.

Collaboration with Bentley

Chaumeton seeks to ignite a sense of playfulness in visitors, encouraging them to engage in lively conversations with fellow art lovers during their gallery visits. "My goal is to bring joy to people's hearts," he shares. "I encourage creativity and the exploration of childhood experiences on a deeper level. I emphasize the importance of materials and their ability to evoke emotions as well." said the artist.

Little Movements of Mediums

"Unknown Memories" by Masayuki Tsubota

"MASAYUKI TSUBOTA: Unknown Memories" Whitestone Gallery Seoul

Prepare to be transported into the tranquil realm of Japanese artist Masayuki Tsubota with his exhibition, "Unknown Memories." Renowned for his minimalist aesthetic and profound reverence for nature, Tsubota's creations transcend conventional boundaries, weaving a tapestry of black and white tones, handcrafted textures, and organic elements. As visitors wander through Tsubota's ethereal landscapes, they are invited to ponder the enigmatic essence of memory and experience.

"MASAYUKI TSUBOTA: Unknown Memories" Whitestone Gallery Seoul

Reflecting on the significance of this exhibition, Tsubota expresses his gratitude for the opportunity to share his work with the Korean audiences after nine years. "We are very happy to be able to hold our first solo exhibition in Korea since 2015," he remarks. "I hope that you will take the time to view the exhibition, which includes a series of works that have never been shown in Korea before."

Unknown Memories

"MASAYUKI TSUBOTA: Unknown Memories" Whitestone Gallery Seoul

Join us at Whitestone Gallery Seoul as we celebrate the convergence of creativity, innovation, and contemplation in a showcase that promises to inspire, provoke, and enchant.

Whitestone Gallery Seoul

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