Wu Shuang's Perspectives After First Solo Exhibition in Japan|Exhibition Interview

Aug 10, 2022
Ginza, Japan

Powerful contrasting colors drift across the canvas. Wu Shuang employs luminous pigments in bold combinations that come together harmoniously. Her unique style has granted collaborations with Mercedes-Benz China International Fashion Week and displays in prominent public collections in China.

Following Wu’s successful solo show in spring at Whitestone H Queen’s Hong Kong, "Lustrous Continuum" is Wu's first solo exhibition in Japan at Whitestone Ginza New Gallery. Although the artist was unable to attend her first show, Wu shares her enthusiasm and optimism.

From the exhibition view, "Lustrous Continuum"

ーPlease tell us about the theme of this exhibition, "Lustrous Continuum".

The concept of "Lustrous Continuum" is correlated to the theme of my last solo exhibition in Hong Kong, "Light of Nature". I believe that there is no color in the world. Colors are the reflection of light, the tolerance of our eyes, and the purification of the mind. We don’t need colors, only light, and faith.

From the exhibition view, "Lustrous Continuum"

ーCan you share with us the significance of holding this first solo exhibition in Japan?

I have always been very fond of Japanese culture, animation, music, and art since I was young. It is truly a dream come true to present my works in Tokyo and meet new audiences. Not only is this my first show in Japan, but also my first solo exhibition abroad and it's tremendous and significant in my career.

Wu Shuang《Global Santa》2021, 100.0 × 80.0cm, Panel, Canvas, Oil painting

ーPlease tell us why you chose《Global Santa》as your key visual for this exhibition.

"Global Santa" is a comprehensive expression of various media in brush strokes, lines, but also the unpredictability in the process of creation. That process of finding the balance between spontaneity and certainty, chance and necessity, brings me back in a full circle to rationalize a form with a stable structure to keep the paint flowing on the canvas. This piece is a construct of my understanding of "globalization". The original formal structure deconstructs continuously, becoming a "meaningful" form.

ーWhy do you paint? What motivates you to create?

I live and breathe my art. It’s a necessity, just like eating. I like to add a bit of "color" to my daily routine because life is simple like a blank canvas. Because of that simplicity, it allows me to face each day renewed. Painting also allows me to become highly focused where I forget my surroundings and delve deeply into my consciousness. I feel a sense of energy when I paint and I love the rush of excitement.

From the exhibition view, "Lustrous Continuum"

ーHow do you decide on the theme or motif of your work?

I want my works to have "a bold female perspective", which is the core theme and drive behind my works. Creating an artistic character and presenting it in an innovative and daring way is why I chose to emphasize the relationship between human beings and nature (animals) from an unrealistic compositional view.

The feathery abstract strokes in my works allude to wings to express my search for freedom. I believe that human beings are capable of freely flying like our animal counterparts. Therefore, the theme of my compositions falls under two categories: animals to personify humanity or free-flowing colors and wing motifs to express the unbound nature of wind and the environment.

ーDo you have certain conditions that have to be met in order to create?

I don't need a lot of space to paint. I can paint within a given space of 10 square meters, relying mainly on my imagination and emotional state. Paints and canvases are necessary, but a cup of coffee with jazz music in the backdrop is the perfect setting.

ーWhat tools and materials are you most particular about?

In addition to brushes and pens, special tools such as watering cans, paint rollers, printmaking boards, scrapers, wire balls, paper towels, etc., and my fingers which I sometimes paint directly with, or anything that comes to mind through a light-hearted artistic approach.

From the exhibition view, “Light of Nature” Whitestone Gallery, Hong Kong, China

ーWe interviewed you about your future endeavors when you were exhibiting in Hong Kong H Queen's this year. You mentioned you'd like to spend more time focused on your creations and work on large-scale projects. How has that been coming along?

Yes, over the past six months, I have created a 180 x 280m painting, which will be exhibited at the Beijing Contemporary Fair at the end of September. I also have five big-sized works exhibiting at the Taipei Art Fair and Beijing Exhibition in October.

I’m in the process of preparing for my solo exhibition in Taipei next year. Painting is a lengthy process that takes time and I'm always looking forward to my future work.

ーOne last word, please.

I believe colors have their very own expressions that take form on the canvas. My work balances abstract formal techniques with figurative ones to achieve a sense of order amid chaos. If you focus long enough, you'll find the figurative forms in the paintings hidden within sight amongst the movements of brushstrokes and abstraction that reflects the state of flux in our universe.

"Lustrous Continuum" Whitestone Ginza New Gallery

"Lustrous Continuum" is on view at Whitestone Ginza New Gallery until August 27. Audiences may also browse through the thoughts behind the exhibited works on our online exhibition page.

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