This is the first major exhibition of British artist Philip Colbert (b. 1979) in Japan.
Colbert has created a global following for his cartoon lobster persona and his masterful hyper pop aesthetic. His practice is not limited to painting and sculpture, but also includes digital works, fashion, music, furniture, and performance art. His work is defined by a playful pop style, and powerfully explores the patterns of contemporary digital culture and its relationship to a deeper art historical dialogue. Colbert's "Lobster" alter ego serves as a guide to art history. With reference to pop symbols, Colbert recycles these icons as a costume for the lobster, demonstrating art’s ability to constantly reinvent the art canon. Through the veneer of pop, colour, and humour, Colbert pushes the limits of self-representation in a society of hyper consumption, uplifting this gruelling activity beyond the self. In his NFT works and his digital space Lobsteropolis in the Metaverse, Colbert explores the re-birth of a more digital orientated era for humanity, and the defining role art plays in such times– a fascination that persists throughout his practice. This is an opportunity to see a cutting-edge and colorful exhibition that you won't find anywhere else in the world.



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英国普普艺术家菲利普·考尔伯特(Philip Colbert)出生于苏格兰,生活及创作皆以伦敦为中心。考尔伯特毕业于圣安德鲁斯大学哲学硕士学位,受到理查德·哈密尔顿(Richard Hamilton)、罗伊·利希滕斯坦(Roy Lichtenstein)及詹姆斯·罗森奎斯特(James Rosenquist)等早期普普艺术家的启发,致力探索当代数码文化模式及其与深层艺术历史的对话。他的画作中融汇古典大师的绘画及交错着现今消费社会日常的象征,以卡通龙虾的另一个自我来叙述考尔伯特的观点。 富艺斯副主席及策展人斯科娜· 玛奇(Svetlana Marich)所言:“艺术创作在短时间内被复制、二次创作,然后在复杂的网络世界上取得大量赞好,然后又被新的议题取代,成为短暂且肤浅的人造文化。考尔伯特的作品不仅认同这个独特现象,更巧妙地绕过它。他利用这个现象,将这种忽视图像和风格的行为转化成具象征主义和讽刺意味的狂热流行文化。」 考尔伯特并被查尔斯·萨奇(Charles Saatchi)和西蒙·德·普里(Simon De Pury)等重要艺术界人士称为当代普普艺术大师。此外,国际知名品牌如劳力士(Rolex)、万宝龙(Montblanc)、Christian Louboutin及COMME des GARÇONS等亦曾邀请考尔伯特联名合作。 2019~2020于白石画廊香港和台湾举办的的巡回展览大受好评。 "


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