Whitestone Ginza New Gallery is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of Sebastian Chaumeton “What’s the point?”.

What’s the point?
The show is an exploration into the visual language of the internet through painting. The work is a digital landscape of meme motifs caught between references spanning art history and contemporary culture. I wanted to create a show void of meaning, reflective of the over saturated world wide web of images and information. I’m cutting and pasting seemingly un-related subjects and matter onto canvas to allow the viewer to create new meanings. A viewer connects the dots I put forward as well as drawing insight from points of reference they may or may not even know about.

What’s the point?
From a technical side of things I used the very hands on process of finger painting! Not only to contrast against the digital aesthetics at play but to put into painting practice an all too familiar action we all use when interacting with touch screens. By physically pressing in each dot of colour I can create form as if rendering a pixelated image.

What’s the point?
Personally I like to make a point of playing with new mediums. Each time I make art I’m searching for new meanings in the work and subsequently myself. It’s a privilege to explore life through art and It’s my duty to remain honest to the purpose of my practice.

What’s the point?
Fundamentally I love making and I just want to keep creating. So let me ask you…




-Sebastian Chaumeton

We welcome you to a painterly conversation with Chaumeton as we navigate through a saturated age of contemporary social phenomena.


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