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By being prized consecutively at the Nika Exhibition and the Ashiya City Art exhibition in 1962, Yuko Nasaka is caught the eyes of Jiro Yoshihara, the leader of Gutai Art Association. Nasaka joins to Gutai in the following year. Due to her family business that produces meters for ships, Nasaka is familiar with the form of circle from her childhood. Then, circle becomes her lifelong motif for creation. Her first solo exhibition at Gutai Pinacoteca (1964), which filled whole space with number of concentric circles, draws so much attention; among visitors, international prominent figures such as Robert Rauschenberg, John Cage, and Merce Cunningham are contained. After a certain period of break from her career, the artist comes back to her creation and continues to present a series of circles and big pieces. The worldview of Nasaka knows no boundaries to fascinate the views as well as her boundless circles. The popularity of Nasaka grows also in Europe.