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Graduates from the Department of Design in Tokyo University of the Art (2003); studies under the two great masters of Japanese style painters, Masataka Oyabu and Chinami Nakajima. Kanamaru establishes his original texture with deliberate cracks by applying the fragments of burlap, English newspaper, etc. to the surface. Multiple layers of colors create the illusion of depth and it make himself outstanding from others. Strews unique motifs and townscapes in the arid atmosphere which is reminiscent of the Southern America where he stays in his childhood. The artist integrates the hint of exoticism and nostalgic feeling into a whole enticing his world-view. Kanamaru is keenly aware of the function of art in the society and founds the art group C-Depot. His works are often introduced at the international art fairs and have enormous popularity and a high-support ratio especially in Asia.