Whitestone Gallery Karuizawa is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of Go Ogawa “Phantom prism”.

Inspired by brilliance of galaxy floating in the universe and phenomenon of light in the nature, Go Ogawa creates extreme colored space based on his elaborated calculation applying the theory of light fraction.

Ogawa’s works, composed by various materials such as acrylic and glass spheres with specific films using his own sculptural techniques, reach to completion only after interacting with the eyes of the viewers.

Depending on the degree of light penetration, the state of vision, and the angle of installation, appearance of colors or light dispersion of the work itself varies unlimitedly, stirs viewers’ molding sense, and finally throws the whole space into an illusion.
This exhibition is the first large-scale solo exhibition for the artist; around twenty works centering on the production from 2018 will be displayed. We would like to invite you to experience Go Ogawa’s rich micro-cosmic world on this occasion.

Go Ogawa
1981 Born in Kanagawa prefecture
2007 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts
2009 Completed post-graduate studies at the Tokyo University of the Arts
2011 Became a member of the artist group “C-DEPOT”
2017 Became a member of the art group “ARTpro”

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