September 9 - September 12, 2021
New York

Whitestone Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of Tsuyoshi Maekawa’s (1936 – ) work for The Armory Show 2021 edition. This will be the first time the artist’s hemp-fabric series, which he started working on after the disbandment of the Gutai Art Association in the 1972, have been featured in a solo art fair presentation. Featuring a selection of works from the 1980s to 2018, this will be a chance for Show attendees to explore Maekawa’s intimate relationship with his material and space.
After the Gutai group’s dissolution, Maekawa began to experiment with new forms of expression. By using a sewing machine instead of synthetic resins and glue, the bumpy relief surfaces and strong hues that lent visceral materiality to his early works were replaced with plain surfaces and subdued colors. Instead of challenging the picture plane with rips and punctuations, the artist explores spatial freedom through the earthy texture of the hemp fabric and creases that seem organically shaped by stitches. This solo presentation will focus on the key elements and characteristics of this series of work by presenting a selection of large-scale works, in which Maekawa intentionally left the fabric unpainted to emphasize the raw texture of the material, and mid-size works accented by soft green and blue hues. The presentation will be a pleasant surprise for those who are only familiar with Maekawa’s Gutai Art Association work from the 1960s, introducing them to the artist’s sometimes underappreciated post-Gutai creations.

Armory Online Art fair: September 9-14


September 9 - September 12, 2021

VIP Preview:
September 9 (invitation only)

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Friday, September 10 – Sunday, September 12

Friday, September 10, 12 – 8pm
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