Miwa Komatsu x Whitestone Gallery's Joint Charity Initiative


"Miwa KOMATSU: Sense of Sacredness" Whitestone Gallery Taipei

On April 3, 2024, a significant earthquake struck off the eastern coast of Taiwan, resulting in widespread devastation and hardship for many individuals. The ongoing aftershocks and the persistent threat of building collapses continue to inflict the people of Taiwan.

In light of these challenging circumstances, Whitestone Gallery and the esteemed artist Miwa Komatsu have come together to extend support to those affected in the region. Taiwan holds a special place of significance and affection for both our gallery and Miwa Komatsu, who recently participated in the Taipei Lantern Festival and the exhibition 'Sense of Sacredness.'

We earnestly hope that our humble contributions will provide some relief and aid the affected communities in their efforts to rebuild and resume their daily lives with a sense of peace. We deeply appreciate your warm support and cooperation in this endeavor.

Message to the People of Taiwan

Taiwan holds a special place in my heart, akin to a second home, and its people are dear to me. I am profoundly grateful for the unwavering support I receive each time I participate in exhibitions and pursue my daily creative endeavors. Upon hearing the news of the recent earthquake, my heart was heavy with concern.

In response to this tragedy, I have decided to donate a portion of the proceeds from this exhibition in Taiwan to support the organizations aiding those in need. My hope is that this contribution will provide some assistance to the affected individuals and communities during this difficult time.

May the people of Taiwan find safety and solace amidst the challenges they face, and may they be blessed with strength and resilience. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

— Miwa Komatsu—

[Taiwan Earthquake Charity Initiative Overview]

- Support Target: Reconstruction activities in earthquake-affected areas near the eastern part of Taiwan
Supporting Organization: 財團法人賑災基金會
- Method of Support: a portion of the proceeds provided by the Miwa Komatsu's solo exhibition "Sense of Sacredness" (donation certificates included) and purchases of Miwa Komatsu's online goods will be donated
- Purchase Method: Through the website for online goods
- Relevant Goods: "All May Become Dragons" jigsaw puzzle, "49day’s" jigsaw puzzle, "All May Become Dragons" jigsaw puzzle exclusive frame, "49day’s" jigsaw puzzle exclusive frame, Contemporary Artist Miwa Komatsu × Hiranoya Enmusubi Chopsticks 2-Pair Set

All May Become Dragons Jigsaw Puzzle (Goods)

49day’s Jigsaw Puzzle (Goods)

Contemporary Artist Miwa Komatsu × Hiranoya Enmusubi Chopsticks 2-Pair Set (Goods)

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