Whitestone Gallery Seoul is pleased to present the solo exhibition ‘나의 오늘 (Today)’ by artist Kwon Soon-ik, from June 15th to July 21st. This exhibition spans the breadth of his artistic journey over more than 30 years, showcasing his abstract series such as Absence of Ego and Pile Up & Rub – Interstice, alongside his roof tile installations. This comprehensive exhibition highlights his exploration of fundamental artistic elements—point, line, and plane.

The Absence of Ego series emphasizes the element of point. Kwon creates small circles on canvas with various shades of paint, layering them with fine sand and paint to produce unique textures that blend flatness and three-dimensionality. In Buddhist philosophy, the concept of 'no-self' suggests that no eternal, independent self exists. Kwon reinterprets this concept, immersing himself in his work to the point of losing his sense of self. In this exhibition, he showcases new large-scale pieces of this series, demonstrating the infinite expansiveness and variations of the point, while enhancing the spatial depth and harmony of color fields.

The Pile Up & Rub – Interstice series, featuring prominent lines and planes, integrates the temporal dimensions of past, present, and future. 'Pile up' refers to the process of layering paint, symbolizing the time and experiences Kwon has amassed—representing the past. 'Interstice' denotes the spaces between these layers of paint, where Kwon applies and polishes graphite, creating a dark yet luminous texture. This process, 'Rub', emphasizes the importance of the present moment, connecting the past and future, and conveying a message of recognizing the significance of the present within the continuous flow of time.

Kwon's roof tile installation work, which began in 2018, highlights the texture and form of tiles by rubbing them with graphite. To the artist, roof tiles serve as a 'mirror of the mind', representing another aspect of the self.

Kwon's technique of rubbing and repeatedly applying graphite exemplifies his diligence and craftsmanship, serving as an internal meditative practice. Through this laborious process, the rough graphite transforms into a sparkling new material, reflecting Kwon's personal philosophy on 'today,' cultivated through years of discipline and realization.


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