SEBASTIAN CHAUMETON: Little Movements of Mediums


2024.03.30 – 04.28

This exhibition marks Chaumeton's inaugural showcase in Korea, presenting a captivating exploration of motion, materials, and mediums through anthropomorphized characters inspired by the beloved Mr. Men series.

As a special feature of the exhibition, Chaumeton will be creating a mural within the gallery space, providing a unique opportunity for viewers to actively engage and interact with the artist’s process.

Chaumeton's creative vision is centered on distilling each idea into its essential essence, often playing with the multiple meanings of words to inform his artistic processes. Through his work, he delves into the dynamic interplay between language and imagery, recognizing their significance as powerful forms of communication in today's digital age, akin to memes and media.

Exploring the origins of the word "meme," which derives from the fusion of the Greek verb "mimeisthai," meaning "to imitate," and "gene," Chaumeton is interested in the parallels between memes and genes. Much like genes, memes possess the remarkable ability to replicate and disseminate information, either linearly through familial generations or laterally akin to the spread of a virus. In essence, memes thrive within a cultural ecosystem, responding to various selective pressures within the vast pool of ideas. In a metaphorical sense they are alive. One might say art operates in a similar fashion. Chaumeton is paralleling this format against techniques and mediums of art history, reflecting on the values we place on the materials in painting.

The exhibition invites viewers to contemplate the vibrant dynamics of ideas and their dissemination through society, influenced by factors ranging from controversy to humor.

In a nostalgic nod to childhood simplicity, Chaumeton's compositional style, reminiscent of Mr. Men book covers, offers a delightful counterbalance to the overwhelming digital landscape. By embracing a tactile and process-driven approach to art-making, he seeks to engage viewers in a more contemplative experience, encouraging them to appreciate the nuances of each medium employed.

Moreover, Chaumeton's creative process embodies a spirit of playful spontaneity, allowing his imagination to guide the exploration of various mediums on canvas. Through this uninhibited approach, he reconnects with his inner child, infusing his work with a sense of joy and curiosity.


SEBASTIAN CHAUMETON: Little Movements of Mediums
2024.03.30 – 04.28


70 Sowol-ro, Yongsan-ku, Seoul, Korea
+822 318 1012
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Opening Hours: 11:00 - 19:00
Closed: Monday
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