Whitestone Gallery Seoul is pleased to present the first solo exhibition in Korea of the young artist Ahhi Choi (b.1983), titled 《365 Inspiration》, from June 15 to July 21. Ahhi Choi captures the subtle beauties of everyday life on canvas as if writing a diary. This exhibition features his latest series in delicate pastel tones, as well as various artworks including sculptures and pieces using skateboards.

Reflecting on the journey of life he has traversed; the artist infuses his works with the subconscious formed along the way. Following language studies in Los Angeles, USA, Ahhi embarked on explorations of the western United States, venturing into vast national parks such as Death Valley and the Grand Canyon. During his travels, Ahhi deepened his appreciation and connection to the magnificence of nature, evolving these experiences into art.

Subsequently, drawing inspiration from daily life, he continues to express his adventures as a form of diary, utilizing ink on paper or filling wooden panels with his unique abstract colors, lines, and textures. Through organic hand movements on paper, he interprets silhouettes, drawings, words, and characters derived from the well of memory into dynamic lines. Particularly, the visually striking lines, unmistakably bold, serve as elements within his artworks that transcend the boundaries of both Japan and Korea, embodying the inspiration of a third-generation Korean-Japanese diaspora, navigating the borders of both countries freely and fluidly, reflected paradoxically within his works.


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