Whitestone Gallery Singapore Celebrates it’s Pre-Opening

January 11, 2023 Singapore

Whitestone Gallery Singapore

New flagship gallery Whitestone Gallery Singapore celebrated its pre-opening on January 6th and an overwhelming reception on January 7th with over 200 VIPs and art aficionados.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was joined by architect Kengo Kuma and artist Etsu Egami, who presented her solo show in parallel to the main exhibit at Whitestone Gallery Singapore.

Greetings from Koei Shiraishi, CEO of Whitestone Gallery.

Located at the entertainment complex, "Tanjong Pagar Distripark," which houses many other galleries including the first art museum in Singapore, “Singapore Art Museum (SAM).” In addition to its art-conscientious neighborhood, the gallery space is one of the largest in Asia with over 13,000 square feet in space.

Installation view of “WE LOVE SINGAPORE” group exhibition

On view at the gallery is group exhibition, "WE LOVE SINGAPORE," which features more than 100 new works created by Whitestone artists each offering the best of their creations.

Installation view of “WE LOVE SINGAPORE” group exhibition

The exhibition features profound works by artists such as Jiro Yoshihara, Shozo Shimamoto, Kazuo Shiraga, and Atsuko Tanaka of the Gutai Art Association, as well as works by Yayoi Kusama, Yoshitomo Nara, Natsuyuki Nakanishi, Lee Ufan, and other major artists who are an essential part to the making of contemporary art. From post-war to contemporary art, this is an exhibition that presents an extensive collection compared to an art museum.

Installation view of “WE LOVE SINGAPORE” group exhibition

On the day of the reception, a talk event was held for Etsu Egami’s solo exhibition alongside with Southeast Asia based art curator, Tan Siuli. In addition to Egami’s artistic activities, the artist has been exploring various academic fields, including the origins of language, with the aim of reconsidering the possibilities of communication. Proactively exhibiting her works at art museums and art fairs, Egami has been pursuing her expressions at international venues.

Her solo exhibition, "Incessant is the change of water where the stream glides on calmly: the spray appears over a cataract, yet vanishes without a moment's delay” a long evocative title borrowed from classical Japanese literature "Hōjōki," by Kamo Chōmei a Buddhist monk in 1212. The theme of the exhibition expresses Egami’s dive into the essence of human nature, while questioning our changing society, and the impending natural disasters and epidemic.

The talk event was discusses in depth on "communication," where the artist has been exploring the changes and its relationship to contemporary art.

At talk event with artist Etsu Egami and curator Tan Siuli.

Installation view of Etsu Egami's solo exhibition at the Whitestone Gallery Singapore

Whitestone Gallery Singapore will soon undergo renovations under the scrutiny of one of Japan’s leading contemporary architects, Kengo Kuma to create a dynamic and comfortable viewing space. Don't miss this luxurious exhibition that brings together the best of each artist's work.

From the "WE LOVE SINGAPORE" group exhibition, the work is Tsuyoshi Maekawa “Shihoe Ao” 1963.

“WE LOVE SINGAPORE” group exhibition

Etsu Egami solo exhibition

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