Whitestone Gallery Singapore Opens

January 6, 2023

Whitestone Gallery Singapore, one of the largest gallery spaces in Asia, held its pre-opening today.

Installation view of “WE LOVE SINGAPORE” group exhibition

Located in a sublime art neighborhood, Whitestone presents group exhibition "WE LOVE SINGAPORE" showcasing new works by its representative artists, that include works by leading Japanese artists from the post-war period.

Installation view of “WE LOVE SINGAPORE” group exhibition

The world-renowned artist Etsu Egami's solo exhibition, "Incessant is the change of water where the stream glides on calmly: the spray appears over a cataract, yet vanishes without a moment's delay. On January 7, 2023, a talk event with Tan Siuli, an independent curator based in Southeast Asia, will disucss the connection with Egami’s respective works involved at this solo exhibition.

Installation view of Etsu Egami's solo exhibition at the Whitestone Gallery Singapore

For more information on each exhibition, click below!

“WE LOVE SINGAPORE” group exhibition

Etsu Egami solo exhibition


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