Yakushima Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This island has a mysterious native forest and a special ecosystem. Walking into Yakushima Island’s forest with large trees and humid air, the rocks and tree barks are fully covered with moss. Trees can’t take root down on the hard granite ground, forming a variety of ancient and strange trees in various shapes. Since the primitive age, the majestic beauty of nature has a hidden power far beyond human could reach. As an artist, as he first set foot in the forest of Yakushima Island, he carefully observed from the roots and branches that are covered with moss to the leaves at the tip of the twigs. The lush green of the woods fascinated him. Using ingenious brushstrokes to reproduce it. Unreservedly pour into the awe of nature onto his art.

Kazuyuki FUTAGAWA was born in 1954 in Takamatsu City in Kagawa Prefecture in Japan. After graduated from Kanazawa College of Art, he studied Japanese Painting in graduate school at Tokyo University of Arts. While inheriting Japanese painting techniques, he uses mineral pigments to paint carefully. He believes that only the use of mineral pigments can truly present the beauty of nature. The colors faintly present the shining luster of natural minerals. It is not as heavy as oil painting under repeated stacking, and it is not as easy to render as watercolor. The picture looks as thin as a cicada’s wings. He often incorporates gold paint and golden leafing techniques into his creations. His art would shimmer under various lightings. Combining the Western style that captures the light and shadow. Giving traditional flat Japanese painting a sense of perspective and texture. It truly expresses the scenery in the eyes of the artist in the tranquil landscape.

The paintings of Kazuyuki FUTAGAWA are full of profound spirituality. Transcend reality and sublimate it into a beautiful and dazzling spiritual landscape. In recent years, he has published works of realistic characters created in ink shades that have opened up a new realm, bringing viewers deeper amazement. The representative work of his new attempt, “A Few Seconds’ Gestures” had received the Excellence Award at “Sompo Japan FACE Exhibition” in 2013.

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