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Osaka World Expo

Expo 70, held in 1970 in Senri, Osaka, was the first World's Fair in Asia and a major national event symbolizing the era of rapid economic growth.
Famous artists from all over the country were involved in the Osaka Expo, among them Gutai, a local art group, and Jiro Yoshihara was appointed as a member of the art committee, which led to his participation in various events and exhibitions.
The main ones are "Gutai Group Exhibition" in the entrance hall of the Midori Pavillion, the Art Exhibition of the Universal exposition (Contemporary Movements section), the "Outside Art " (Garden on Garden), the screening of film works in the Midori-Pavillion, Astrama, and the group performance "Gutai Art Festival" in the main festival square.
As well as looking back on its past activities, Gutai also took an approach here to new fields using science and technology.




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