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Martha Jackson

Gutai's first international exhibition was held at the Martha Jackson Gallery in New York in 1958. What should have been a spectacular international debut was a failure. Many critics, while recognizing Gutai's originality, regarded it as an art movement influenced by Abstract Expressionism and Informel, or as a "Western imitation," and did not see it as an original art movement. Martha Jackson, who organized the exhibition, tended to use Gutai to enhance the reputation of Abstract Expressionism, while Tapié used Gutai to enhance the reputation of Informel, and the spirit of "not imitating others" of Gutai was not properly understood. For this reason, Yoshihara began to directly participate in subsequent exhibitions as much as possible. Martha Jackson later began working with new artists such as Allan Kaprow and Robert Rauschenberg, and her legitimate understanding of the Gutai has progressed to the point where she has held a solo exhibition of Sadamasa Motonaga's work and handled him as an affiliated artist. Martha bought a few small postcard-sized works at first, and then gradually began to deal with them," Motonaga said.




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