Whitestone Ginza New Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of Yuuna Okanishi, “Beauty of Lines”. This exhibition is also to celebrate her first art book “Beauty of Lines” published on 22nd November.

Yuuna Okanishi, a rising beautiful chirographer spinning unique curves.

Seeking for the beauty of curves existing in the natural world by her chirography technique, Okanishi sublimates lines into art works with an original sensibility and swing. She became the centre of public attention for her dignified appearance and dynamic performances. In the recent years, she is developing a new field that go beyond a chirography.
The themes are widely ranged, beginning with chirographic works with a flowing elegant style as well as a feel of inner steel, and a serie of “Blue Song” depicts curvy swimming trajectories of the sharks in blue ocean, while “Red Sensation as a beginning” expresses the depth and origin of the earth by portraying fervent red magma. She also produces “Mantra”, expressing prayer for peace by putting “the words of truth” inside the surface of dancing vivid colors.
In this exhibition, mainly the new works included in her brand-new book “Beauty of Lines” will be exhibited.
We cordially invite you to come visit this precious opportunity.

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Since she was seven years old, Yuuna Okanishi has dedicated to her life to calligraphy. For the artist, calligraphy is about the art of lines. She suggests that drawing lines is one of the best ways to represent the calligrapher's mentality, depending on the quality of lines, such as thickness, strength, gravity, and tempo. Working on calligraphy is linked to the artist's wish to world peace. Okanishi presents her series titled "Blue Songs" which are painted with acrylic instead of Japanese ink. She draws silver lines in blue, using a calligraphic technique in which she captured sharks' motions at a depth of 15 meters in the sea. By doing this, the artist depicts world peace with curvy lines, drawing a shark's elegant motions which can only be drawn by her calligraphic technique. In addition to the blue world as the home of sharks, the red in magma from her series "Red Sensation", represents another essential element of the formation of the earth.According to Okanishi, 'magma in the earth must be the source of human passion because the passion from the most profound depths of the earth gave birth to land, sea, humans, and all living things.' This connection has led to the Red Sensation series being showcased alongside Blue Songs. While the silver lines represent the sharks' swim, the gold lines depict a ray of light in the magma. Blue and red, sea and land, universe and energy — Okanishi shows deference to the earth's harmony and its unusual existence which presides over human lives; she never stops taking inspiration.


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