Whitestone Ginza New Gallery is pleased to announce Tsuyoshi Maekawa’s solo exhibition. He is one of the leading figures in the second generation of GUTAI Art Association, a representative postwar Japanese avant-garde art group. Known as the artist who uses “dongoros” (linen cloth) to create tableaux with uneven surfaces like a relief. His style straightly focusing on the materiality stood out among other members who were more inclined to abstract expressionism. Under the slogans; “Don’t copy anyone!”, “Do something no one has ever done before!” by the leader Jiro Yoshihara, Maekawa slided into unexplored state of creativity utilizing flexible but tough properties of “dongoros”. Whereas double structured tableaux insists on its sculptural edge by making best use of both canvas and “dongoros”, it simultaneously sticks to the nature of pictorial representation.
After the dissolution of the group, Maekawa kept the GUTAI spirit, continued to achieve greater originality as well as further sophistication in his practice, and it led him to publish his new works delicately sewn by a sewing machine utilizing softer cloth. This exhibition features these new series started from mid 80’s which make us feel fresh pop sensation with wide array of soft pastel colors.

Ginza New Gallery


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