Whitestone Ginza New Gallery is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of Katsuyoshi Inokuma, “Cosmic View of Earth”.
Profound and soft ultramarine blue, which is commonly called as “Inokuma Blue”, is the representative color of the artist. Born in Fukushima, in 1951, Inokuma still lives and continues painting in his hometown.
In these years, his works have been exhibited and highly acclaimed in the venues of international art fairs. One of his well-known series “In Blue” beginning from 1993, realized exquisite nuanced surface as a result of pink-colored base concealed in blue and unique use of mediums like coffee powder. The hue of colors has been brimmed with quietness all the more and reached the stage of maturity, which leaves spacious reverberation and perspective. The charm of Inokuma’s works is nothing like its tolerance, synchronized with the heartstring and the state of memory of each viewer.
It would be our great pleasure if this exhibition would become a precious opportunity for the visitors to synchronize with the profound world like deep inside of the cosmos.

Ginza New Gallery


6-4-16 Ginza, Chuo-ku Tokyo, 104-0061, Japan

Tel: +81 (0)3 3574 6161

Opening Hours: 11:00 - 19:00
Closed: Monday

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Inokuma continues pursuing his artistic creativity in his hometown, after learning at the art colleges. Although he only starts applying himself closely to art when he passes his 40's, soon after Inokuma wins Aoki Shigeru Memorial Award in 1996 and semi-grand prize at Fukushima Prefectural Art Exhibition in 1998. Developing the texture by using coffee powder and sanding down the surface, he brings the exquisite concurrence of comfort and sharpness into the work. Above all, his ultramarine blue works, called Inokuma Blue series, are highly admired both internationally and domestically. In 2016, for the grand opening of Whitestone Gallery Hollywood Road in Hong Kong, his impressive world of blue causes strong resonance with visitors.


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