Whitestone Gallery is honored to present Sachiko Kamiki ‘s solo exhibition: "Tetrad" in Taipei. Sachiko Kamiki was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1991. She received a master's degree from the Joshibi University of Art and Design in 2017 and majored in oil painting. She was awarded a Fukuko Okubo Prize for her outstanding performance. This is the artist’s first solo exhibition in Taiwan and will present her eighteen brand-new paintings.

The exhibition is named “Tetrad” due to the word in Colorology, also known as the two sets of complementary colors. The exhibition title refers to the two sets of double complementary colors on the color wheel, which are originally strong colors in conflict with each other. The harmonious and colorful images under the pattern of tetrad fit naturally into Sachiko Kamiki’s composition and her use of colors. The independent and brightly repetitive elements in her works are like the molecules that constitute everything in this world; they are also a distinctive vision perceived by the naked eyes.

For a long time, the artist has been proposing different questions regarding the current affairs in the society, the individual existence and the relationship of mutual erosion through her works. For instance, “red=woman” and “blue=man” is a general stereotype concept of gender. In this exhibition, she challenges such concept through the different pieces with the same theme. The male and female protagonists in “Love begets love” have the typical male and female appearance and their respective representative color system; however, metaphoric metaphysical inner body part is completely the opposite. The woman's body is composed with the blue lines, while the man's body is the contrasting red lines. She softly communicates with the viewers her ideas on the concept of secular gender. The most common symbolic elements in her works are the flora and greenery representing the cycle of life. She reminds us about the limit of life. Just seize the day and be in love with the present as the precious moment which is free from the fate of illness and death.

In the works shown in this exhibition, the artist expresses her expectation, hoping the world to be more tolerant, to be broad-minded to the vision of the opposite ones, and to slowly reducing the distance between each other. This is like the theory of Tetrad in which the primal essence of every object or individual is preserved, yet they construct harmonious images and world without infringing on each other.



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