Whitestone Gallery Taipei is pleased to announce the group exhibition titled ‘Hybrid Vision’ for five young artists from MFA program of Taipei National University of Arts. It will start from July 28 to August 19, 2018 at Whitestone Gallery ZhongXiao space.
Along with centralization and molecularization of circulating systems and photographic machines, the persistence between them make the viewing subjects completely fragmented.

Apparently, the individual is no longer a disabled viewer at the transmitting and receiving end of the photographic technique, but also a producer in vain situated under the media. If we consider the image itself as a rebellious history, the predicament we now face is the total loss of control of images. The figural disparity of the image results in the intense exhaustion of the eyeball, generalizing man’s viewing experience while diminishing the ‘punctum’* and weakening the perception.

The perceptual collision evoked by the massive quantity of images carried by audiovisual media results in the loss of the will to immerse, concentrate and gaze. In this way, the image becomes a historical dilemma at the same time a catastrophe itself. From a perceptual level, when we think of the path of distracted perception proposed by Siegfried Kracauer in the early twentieth century, are we able to open up certain ways of perception, such as glimpsing, side-eyeing, ignoring, avoiding, or of peripheral vision? However, it’s much more complicated in contemporary circumstances. ‘Sensing everything’ is not only a controlling ability regarding obtaining the functional photographic technique and the media circulating system, nor a single or both-way message transmitter and receiver. Instead, it is a more holistic gradual migration to ‘overlapping vision’ and ‘hybrid perception’ formed through multi-directional, cross-directional and divergent perceptual abilities.
(Written by Liang Ting Yu)

*“punctum” —a kind of experience, suggested by French Philosopher, Roland Barthes , that is shaking up established systems, destroying, and leading to discover the details unable to encode.

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