Whitestone Gallery Karuizawa is pleased to announce a solo show by Sei Arimori 'Listening Sounds on Colours, Seeing Colours on Sounds.'
Arimori, a painter, is motivated by his passion to see a world he imagined and he has been painting not only in Japan but also in Belgium. He believes that nature has its own sensation and his purpose of painting is to bring out this sensation, thereby appealing to the senses of the viewers. In order to accomplish this purpose, Arimori attempts to interact and combines layers of pigments, marginal spaces, compositions, colours and shapes carefully to make his works, that is similar to a movie made by a perfect teamwork of actors, lighting and scripts.
We cordially invite you to see his twenty paintings from the last decade in this show.

Karuizawa Gallery2


1F / KARUIZAWA NEW ART MUSEUM, 1151-5 Karuizawa, Karuizawa-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano, 389-0102, Japan

Tel: +81 (0)267 46 8691

Opening Hours: Tuesday (*7 days a week in August)

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