Whitestone Gallery Karuizawa is pleased to announce Sachiko Kamiki’s first solo exhibition – “Sachiko Kamiki”.
Sachiko Kamiki majored in oil paintings and received a Master’s degree from the Joshibi University of Arts and Design, Tokyo, this spring. The artist has presented works with suggestive motifs such as windows, crosses and girls with inexpressive faces; through a filter of these symbols, she casts a doubt on today’s human existence and the condition of contemporary society. It is very characteristic of her style.
Kamiki focuses on the vulnerability of time passed and time passing by. She traces the danger of the past stories that we can interpret conveniently from the current perspective and the fragility of being present that cannot escape from the influence of our re-interpretations.
We cordially invite you to experience Kamiki’s radical paintings that re-capture the origin and ‘core’ of the stories around us in the continued time axis which we are easily apt at losing.

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