Whitestone Gallery is pleased to announce Shreds N’ZigZags, Chris Succo ́s first solo exhibition in Asia. The show features works from his iconic ZigZag Paintings series and a new series entitled Shred Paintings. Chris Succo is best known for his abstract painting but works in a wide range of media, including sculpture and photography. He has created an oeuvre that is coherent while being remarkably diverse. In this exhibition, Succo has created new works from the ZigZag Paintings series. Looking at the compositions of these paintings, their gestural lines, kinetic compositions and formal repetition almost appear to be writing: perhaps quick notes dashed off on a piece of scrap paper or a notation system for something that isn ́t self-evident. They conjure an unexpected music. Created in a studio, influenced by a varied soundtrack and titled with lines drawn from Succo ́s own poetry, the paintings reverberate with energy and attitude. They reflect on the act of painting – preparatory drawings then covered with the final layer of oil paint, a process that evokes immediacy and speed. Succo will also be exhibiting a new series entitled Shred Paintings. These compositions, made from images taken from used skateboards, altered, photographed, printed on underpaintings and then covered with layers of polymer varnish, suggest rugged surfaces and battered rock music posters. The initial source of these paintings implies the individual usage of the riders - their fears, their music, their insecurities, their feelings of invincibility. They reflect on what abstract painting is and how composition and content can be conceived. In addition, Whitestone Gallery will publish the first English/Chinese translation of The Price You Pay For Not Being Alone With Your Dying, a book of poems by Chris Succo and Paul Wasserman. Following the exhibition opening reception on 27 April, a special book launch and live poetry reading by Chris Succo and Paul Wasserman will be held at The Social Room at 8 PM on 28 April.

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