Whitestone Gallery is honored to present Out Of My Cocoon, a group exhibition featuring the remarkable works of three acclaimed artists: Rebecca Bernau, Sachiko Kamiki, and Wu Shuang. While each artist possesses a unique artistic voice, they share a deep commitment to exploring the depths of human emotion, the intricate beauty of nature, and our intrinsic connection to the world around us. “Out of my cocoon” signifies different stages of artistic development, while also applicable to life and the spiritual maturation of mankind and personality. The cocoon symbolizes a place of retreat, as an observer that roams through life before pupation, perceiving the world through the filter of “glasses”. These glasses are shaped by inborn personalities and colored by the unique experiences of the individual. The cocoon phase can be seen as a period of mental digestion, characterized by rest and passivity. After spending time in the cocoon, the subject would have undergone rapid growth and transformation. Altogether, observation, cocooning, and production form a constant cycle. All phases are necessary for happiness and functionality.

“Knowing and perceiving this constant cycle means a better understanding of myself and my possibilities to be artistically active.”

– Rebecca Bernau

Rebecca Bernau's art developed from graphic design. This origin influences the approach, coloring and composition to this day. Borrowed from classical painting is the intensive study of different characters and their gestures. The artist achieves motivic lightness through the reduction of the posture of the figures. When painting digitally, she experiments with different brushes and colour gradients until the minimalist drawings achieve a strong expression. She describes herself as a representative of her generation, who uses analogue and digital craftsmanship and mixes materials from both worlds on an equal footing.

Rebecca Bernau, In the Saddle of my Horse, 2023, 70 x 70cm

Born in Tokyo, Sachiko Kamiki studied at Joshibi University of Art and Design (Oil painting course), and got M.F.A in 2017 with “Fukuko Okubo Prize” (honorable mention from the University). In the same year, her debut solo exhibition was held at Karuizawa New Art Museum. In this regard, the prestigious monthly art magazine “Bijyutsutecho” (September Issue; 2017) ran an article about her interview. In 2018, her first solo exhibition in Tokyo was held at Whitestone Ginza New Gallery with favorable reviews. In the following year, her work graced the cover of “Monthly Gallery”, new year’s issue. In commemoration of the 85th Anniversary of Tokyu Department head store, her solo exhibition was held at Tokyu Department head store art gallery, ended up with “sold out” show. In 2020, the solo exhibition “TETRAD” was held at Whitestone Gallery Taipei. Kamiki’s works ask the viewers about the modality of human beings and modern society through symbolic metaphors. They are characterized by her broad perspective reflecting the rich literary background and contradistinctive simultaneously harmonious coloration.

Sachiko Kamiki, Vase, 2023, 162.1 x 130.3cm

Born in 1986 in Chongqing, Wu Shuang is an outstanding young artist that works with Abstract Expressionism. In 2007, she studied in Free Art Institution of Kassel University in Germany. In 2009, she graduated from the BA Oil Painting in Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. After that she continued her study and graduated from Master degree program in Engraving from Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing in 2014. Since then she lives and works in Beijing as a professional artist. Wu Shuang's art is alluring, she is good at using colours, especially colours of high purity and clarity. She is able to mix a lot of bright colours, which seem contrasted, however, in her work they are harmonious. Besides, her art possesses a deep and vast enthusiasm that is universal, something that is rare for Chinese female artists. Under the seemingly free and open-minded appearance, her work reflects severe and stern control as well as rationality. Wu Shuang’s work represents her adventurous spirit, and it keeps on attracting people of different generations. For her distinct style, she has collaborated with heavy-weight brands such as Mercedes-Benz China International Fashion Week for consecutive three years, and her work is widely exhibited in China.

Wu-Shuang, Psychedelic, 2022, 100.0 x 100.0cm

When experiencing the works of Rebecca Bernau, Sachiko Kamiki, and Wu Shuang together, viewers can expect a harmonious convergence of aesthetics, emotions, and narratives. The exhibition offers a rare opportunity to witness the interplay of distinct artistic voices, united by a shared pursuit of exploring the human experience, our relationship with nature, and the profound connections that bind us all. By immersing themselves in this captivating showcase, the audience will be inspired, moved, and transported to a realm where art becomes a powerful catalyst for introspection and cultural exchange.

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Opening reception:

4 – 7pm, 21 September (Thursday)

Exhibition Guided Tour by Artists

5pm, 21 September (Thursday)
The guided tour will be conducted in English.
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