Capturing Fleeting Beauty: Ryotaro Muramatsu's “Fluffy” Exhibition


“Ryotaro Muramatsu: Fluffy” Whitestone Gallery Taipei

Ryotaro Muramatsu's solo exhibition, "Fluffy," which features gracefully floating jellyfish and dandelion fluff dancing in the wind, ended at Whitestone Gallery Taipei.

Muramatsu has led projects in various genres since founding the creative company NAKED, INC. in 1997. However, he began his journey as a solo artist in 2018. Having showcased his domestic and international works, this exhibition marks his debut solo exhibition in Taipei.

Ryotaro Muramatsu: Fluffy

“Ryotaro Muramatsu: Fluffy” Whitestone Gallery Taipei

The inaugural exhibition in Taipei, "Fluffy," showcased Muramatsu's adept use of interactive elements and diverse expressive techniques, captivating the audience. For instance, as part of the "DANDELION PROJECT," the meticulously crafted piece "MINI DANDELION" featured gold and platinum leaf meticulously applied by Japanese artisans.

The "DANDELION PROJECT," which Muramatsu has been involved in since 2020, entails blowing on a large dandelion sculpture, causing its fluff to scatter to another location where dandelions are planted, thereby blooming flowers. "MINI DANDELION"s each fluff symbolizes the diversity of perspectives, with its various forms representing coexisting values.

“Mini Dandelion (Gold)” 2023, 40.0x40.0x40.0cm, UV curing resin, Piano wire, Gold leaf foil.

“Chill” 2023, 191.2×108.8cm, Projection mapping, Stereo system, Dimensions variable

The exhibition featured five interactive artworks, embodying the concept of delicate and ever-changing existence.

Muramatsu attended the reception, explaining the concepts and intricacies behind his works to the audience. His pieces often explore the fleeting beauty of nature, such as the diverse expressions of cherry blossoms, the graceful movement of jellyfish swaying in the water, and the transient beauty of the shorelines.

The interactive works stole the spotlight at the exhibition. Combining analog and digital elements, artworks like "HAZAMA -A Space Between-" created a mesmerizing illusion of coastline with sand and projection mapping.

“HAZAMA -A Space Between-” 2022, 70.0x125.0cm, Projection mapping, Laser range scanner, Stereo system.

“Kaleido Jellyfish” 2019, 400×200cm, Projection mapping, Stereo system, Dimensions variable

"Kaleido Jellyfish," depicting jellyfish gracefully swimming in sunlight, showcased different patterns depending on the viewing time, derived from the artist's personal photographs. The exhibition showcased Muramatsu's ability to infuse personal memories and perspectives into his art, captivating the audience.

“Ryotaro Muramatsu: Fluffy” Whitestone Gallery Taipei

The rapid technological advancements of the modern era have also influenced the art world. Traditional techniques and technological innovations converging in artworks underscore the evolving relationship between art and technology.

In a world of constant change, Muramatsu's exhibition contemplates how we connect with the world and find solace amidst the fleeting passage of time. The juxtaposition of change and eternity makes this exhibition a profound experience.

Also, Ryotaro Muramatsu-led NAKED's hands-on floral art exhibition, "NAKED FLOWERS," will be held at the National Taiwan Science Education Museum in Taipei until Sunday, March 10, 2024.

Ryotaro Muramatsu: Fluffy

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