The Light of Nature

February 12, 2022


Wu Shuang is an abstract expressionist painter known for her bold colors and sumptuous brushstrokes. Her works are a visual feast that focuses on themes that are human-centered and nature-inspired. Often implied with pain, melancholy and self-sabotaging, the state of mind of Wu's subjects is visible through titles of her works aimed at the search of inner spiritual mind and internal meaning of freedom.


"The Light of Nature"

The exhibition features her creations during the pandemic period. This has given her more thoughts about life and courage, in her words, “Art always finds the way”. While the epidemic is spreading, suffocating the world, it did not prevent her from devoting her inventiveness and spiritual consciousness to art nor limit her response to the present.

Wu has always observed how to utilize multiple techniques to create works at the same time, showing a greatly strengthened controlling force over factors such as color, shape, and composition. Her abilities generate in a way of flexible tension but also well-placed mutual support with a remarkable ability to sense and control colors.

There is no color in the world. Colors are the reflection of light, the tolerance of our eyes, and the purification of the mind. We don’t need colors, only light and faith.

In "Of Your Silent Reverie” (2020) , the reflections of a young girl and a tiger rests in the artist’s mind, illustrating the inseparable connection between human and nature from the inner subconscious. 

In Wu’s own words: “I worked on 'Of Your Silent Reverie' at the end of 2020 and I have a soft spot for this piece because it reflected what I had envisioned exactly in my mind. The soft tones and brush strokes paints a whisper of a young girl and tiger, who have a similar temperament. The work was done from brush to brush, without much modification. There were temporary bursts in which the brush was out of reach that I used with my fingers and palm, as if accidental traces were purposefully arranged.  This is why I named it, 'Of Your Silent Reverie’ to express the heightened state of consciousness in my image. 

In recent periods, her painting style expresses her romanticism, the works showing a poetic way to perform the inner mind in her creation. The consciousness of freedom is internalized from her creation and works as a legacy to stay behind. Creation is the process in which she embodies freedom. Wu Shuang has been working steadily on her works, especially citing the intimate connection with nature, animals as the subject of the form of life that contributed to the reflection on Anthropocene and environmental ethics in humans and the otherness.


Wu’s “Tentativeness” (2021) is a composition in the game of inner desire, but also the game between oneself and the outside world; testing each other’s boundaries. The painting expresses the artist’s inner desires and imagination that contradicts every subconscious thought. They represent as a reflection of the heart which clashes and interferes with one another for the final result. Though the size of the painting isn’t significantly large, there are aspects beneath the layers of swirling colors hidden.

Travel Peak

“Travel Peak” (2020) can be interpreted as a symbol of a microcosm world. Wu expresses the feeling of solitude, spontaneity, and freedom of women in this new generation navigating their journey. In the artist’s words: “My perception of the new women is not defined by a single label such as ‘cute’, ‘beautiful’, or ‘kind’. Every individual is embarking on their own spectacular journey .”

In “Words Deluge” and “Travel Peak”, she creates a microcosm world and the perception of the abstract sphere formed by human beings, expressing the loneliness, fragility, and insignificance of humans. Whereas in “Tentativeness”, the artist expresses the internal desires of human with animals. Wu ’s works are not just timely but are also thought-provoking. Under the seemingly free and open-minded appearance, her work reflects severe and stern control as well as rationality. They represent her adventurous spirit that continues to attract people from different generations.

A Cat's Summer Festival 2021



Born in 1986 in Chongqing, Wu Shuang is an outstanding young artist that works with Abstract Expressionism. In 2007, she studied in Free Art Institution of Kassel University in Germany. In 2009, she graduated from the BA Oil Painting in Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.

After that she continued her study and graduated from Master degree program in Engraving from Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing in 2014. Since then she lives and works in Beijing as a professional artist.


Wu Shuang's art is alluring, she is good at using colours, especially colours of high purity and clarity. She is able to mix a lot of bright colours, which seem contrasted, however in her work they are harmonious. Besides, her art possesses deep and vast enthusiasm that is universal, something that is rare for Chinese female artists. Under the seemingly free and open-minded appearance, her work reflects severe and stern control as well as rationality. Wu Shuang’s work represents her adventurous spirit, and it keeps on attracting people of different generations. For her distinct style, she has collaborated with heavy-weight brands such as Mercedes-Benz China International Fashion Week for consecutive three years, and her work is widely exhibited in China.

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The Light of Nature

February 12 - March 12, 2022

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