The word “mass” is generally divided into two meanings: one is “large crowd”, another is “large quantity”.
Small elements overlap each other, its accumulation becomes an assemblage, and it gathers one after another forming a further large-scale concept.
An individual is composed of the accumulation of various experiences, emotions, and memories. Each individual has a mutual commitment, being a component of our world.
Whether it is a roadside stone or a cosmos, the fact remains that it is “a collective entity”.
For example, small grains get together forming sands, then, a mass of sands will become a desert.
The greater concept embraces the less, and vice versa.
Each of us embraces an intricated and unbalanced collective entities in the depth.
The aggregation of these collective entity composes our world.
It would be my great pleasure if you see with your own eyes “the pros or cons” of my thought in this exhibition, “MASS”.


Whitestone Ginza New Gallery is pleased to announce “MASS”, a solo exhibition of Madara Manji who applies a Japanese traditional engraving technique “mokume-gane” to contemporary art in an unconventional way.
The works of Madara Manji are comprised of a mixture of various materials. His three-dimensional works composed of crushed metallic substances are balanced on the blink of falling as if they had embodied human-beings who struggle in the midst of modern society.
Various materials involved in the works interfere with each other generating simultaneously repelling force and empathy. Maintaining exquisite equilibrium between them, heterogeneity indwells as it is, mutually relates, then, comes to fruition as a unique visual. So to speak, One individual as equal as the accumulation of multiple elements will turn into a greater “mass” than before by crowding together.
We cordially invite you to experience this exhibition, which will become a huge “MASS” as a result of gathering more than 20 new works by Madara Manji.

Ginza New Gallery

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