Whitestone Ginza New Gallery is pleased to announce the solo exhibition “EXPLOSION” by MADARA MANJI.

Through his works, MADARA MANJI has been consistently representing a state of the human spirit. Miscellaneous emotions, instincts, morals, and experiences wriggling deep inside of the human mind are taken filtered through our exterior skin.

Although excessive input of information imposes an enormous drain on the recipients, switching gear, the fact of “vast quantity” itself can become a trigger for the stimulus enlarging the existing threshold value.

Energy on the verge of destruction and the emerging of unpredicted vision in exchange―A body of the works, which is generated in the circumstance of 1000℃ for welding and relentless repetitive beats by hammer, already embodies the exhibition theme. 

Is it destruction, evolution, or incomprehensive vast feeling of real including simultaneously its both wheels? ―MADARA MANJI questions the need to confront them.

Please enjoy the solid phase-shift of beauty born from his necessity in the name of “EXPLOSION”. We look forward to welcoming you to this precious opportunity.

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MADARA MANJI was born in Tokyo in 1988. To learn toreutic techniques for the foundation of his further works, he moved to Kyoto after graduating from high school and worked as an apprentice under a toreutic master. After years, he aspired to become an artist in developing the foundation in various metal-processing skills and continues to self-learn and present artwork.


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