"I am looking for a certain complicity with the viewer. What I want is that when they look at my work a smile escapes them. That they cannot resist, that a feeling of joy, of love, of memory, of warmth to the soul floods them. "

-Debbie Reda

Whitestone Gallery Taipei is delighted to present the solo exhibition “A FUN ADVENTURE” by esteemed Argentine artist Debbie Reda. Her first solo exhibition in Taipei showcases a series of Debbie Reda’s works with her narrative imagination, where characters embark on urban escapades from street to sky, exuding a sense of childhood wonder. Through her distinctive visual language, Debbie Reda opens the door to a fantastical world, allowing people to rediscover and reconnect with the innocence and endless possibilities of childhood. The exhibition will be on view from 13th April (Sat.) to 18th May (Sat.) with the opening reception scheduled for April 13th (Sat) at 4:00 pm where the artist will be present.

Debbie's Art  work

The Gang, 2023, Acrylic, oil stick and spray on canvas, 110 × 160 cm

Debbie Reda, born in 1976 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, currently resides and works in Madrid, Spain. Holding a degree in Art History and Cultural management, Debbie embarked on her artistic career at the age of 17. In 2013, she reached a significant milestone in her artistic journey by hosting her inaugural solo exhibition in Argentina. Inspired by Art Brut, Debbie infused her childhood painting experiences into her creations using the aesthetic conventions of cartoons, comics and children’s book illustrations, notably gaining recognition for her boldly and flat colored “Monster Collection” series. These whimsical creatures represent a fusion of childhood innocence and the aesthetics of Neo-Pop Art, defining her cartoon style as a “Childlike Neo-pop Art”. As an internationally renowned artist, Debbie Reda's works are beloved by collectors worldwide. In 2021, she participated in the Honorary Salon of the Shanghai Fashion and Art Expo and was voted by Chinese collectors as one of the top 40 trend-setting artists in the world. Her works were collected by Deji Art Museum (China), Iris Art Museum (China), Collection Norte (Spain), FMCMP foundation (Spain) and Collection ACB by Bárbara de Rueda (Spain).

Debbie's Art  work

AFun Adventure, 2024, Oil and spray on canvas, 200 × 160 cm 

In the exhibition titled "A Fun Adventure," Debbie presents a captivating narrative centered around a group of whimsical characters known as "little monsters" originating from a distant planet, now transformed into children. Through a fantastical lens, these characters embark on an exploration of Earth, navigating its landscapes with a curious eye that observes both the human world and its inhabitants, while another eye observes human beings objectively, adorned with a ribbon. Their escapades through vibrant urban cities and soaring through the sky evoke a sense of childhood wonder. With mischievous and innocent personalities, these endearing creatures delight in their newfound experiences and wonder on Earth for the first time and have fallen in love with humans and nature. They have the mission of reminding adults the value of life’s nuances and happiness. They always carry a sense of infectious humor and boundless optimism to encourage everyone to embrace joy and innocence of childhood. The exhibition's title is the artist’s definition of her own life journey, inspired by cherished memories of a joyful childhood. Debbie's work serves as an invitation to a world characterized by optimism and introspection. It encourages audiences to join her on a whimsical exploration of the imagination and the fun adventure.

Street Fun, 2023, Acrylic, oil stick and spray on canvas, 128 × 166 cm


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Opening Reception

2024.04.13(Sat) 4pm *Artist will be present


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