First Collaboration Project with neXtlab "Iridescent Feather" Begins

August 5, 2022
Shanghai, China

neXtlab™, a pioneer of diverse artistic and cultural spaces in China, and Whitestone Gallery are pleased to announce their first collaborative project, the group exhibition “Iridescent Feather”, on view from July 21 to August 21, 2022.

Entitled “Iridescent Feather", a term from an ancient poem written in Jin Dynasty to describe a bird with beautiful, colorful feathers that shine under the sunlight. Seven young artists from Japan and China have been selected by Whitestone Gallery to participate.

The exhibition features five young Japanese artists: Yuji Kanamaru, whose mysterious creatures and cityscapes invite the viewer into a nostalgic world:ARTIST miu, whose inorganic cement and colorful hues are striking; Sachiko Kamiki, whose bold composition and colors are distinctive; Ahhi Choi, whose curvaceous movements bring a sense of levitation and ecstasy to the viewer and icco Yoshimura, who is currently holding her first solo exhibition in Karuizawa.

Participating from China are Jiang Miao, who uses the "Trigram"(symbols that represent the cycle of the Ying and Yang energy) an oriental philosophy, "Spiral," symbolizing the soul, and "Color," which releases energy as a mainstay of visuals and Wu Shuang, in abstract expressionism. Both artists have exhibited in numerous galleries and museums in the Chinese-speaking world, and Wu Shuang is holding her first solo exhibition in Japan.

Works and interviews by the participating artists are also available on our website. For more information, click on “Exhibition Details”.

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