RONALD VENTURA: An Introspective RONALD VENTURA: An Introspective

RONALD VENTURA: An Introspective

August 7, 2021


Welcome to these rooms of the various stages of artistic consciousness. Just enter the evolving doors as skins are discarded and Ronald Ventura unfalteringly ventures into the new, into the now, into even stranger territories in this current exhibition. Evolution is permanent; love of specific forms, temporary. The artist explains that each of his shows in the past does not entirely capture his state of mind. Just as he is wrapping up work for a particular exhibition, his restlessness makes him wander off into new forms, fresh approaches, untested methods of expression. Overlaps occur. The process is continuous. These rooms at Karuizawa were not built for comfy categorization. They serve as chambers of change.


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August 7, 2021

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