Opening Reception: July 3, 4:00 – 7:00 PM

“My mission here is to contribute to raising humanity’s consciousness level with art.

Allow my art to touch you, connect with you, awaken your senses and let your inner mind go with the flow of mother nature… Life is an amazing gift, and we should all honour that. Be aware of its fragility and difficulty so you can enjoy and be grateful every day to be able to live in this magic world. Beautiful and bad… yin and yang…
Perfectly imperfect…”

Sylvestre Gauvrit, July 2021

Whitestone Gallery Hong Kong is pleased to present I AM LIKE YOU, exhibition of French artist and sculptor Sylvestre Gauvrit (b. 1977). Graduated from the Accademia Belle Arti of Carrara and apprenticed in various institutional art studios in Pietrasanta, Italy, where Gauvrit mastered his technique of carving marble, the show includes the artist’s most recent works taking shape in fluidity, as well as never-before-seen sketches.

Inspired by his childhood observing nature and his times spent surfing waves, Gauvrit’s works are defined by sensual lines and natural forms, as imagined in “Coco” (2021) and “Orchis” (2021), where the feminine shapes are visible. Gauvrit is interested in the underlying energies and feelings that his sculptures provoke. He considers his works as a space where the seen and unseen, fragile and solid, destroy and construct, find harmony with each other. Using materials such as marble and marine-grade stainless steel, Gauvrit’s works seem to manifest spirituality. The largest sculpture of this exhibition “Menuetto Scherzoso” (2021) is carved in the rhythm of the dance, and to create an immersive experience, a special soundtrack titled “The other side” composed by Jeremy Prot and Fabiano Laghi will accompany the works in the exhibition.

Gauvrit’s sculptures have been showcased in numerous public and private spaces among others in Paris, London, Amsterdam, China and Hong Kong.

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