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Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Kampen, The Netherlands in 2000; then followed his MFA from the Kunsthochschule Weissensee in Berlin, Germany. Hofman aims to challenge the audience's comfortableness by recasting the simply perspective on quotidian objects. The familiarity and positivity from the artwork allows the public to explore art in an affable way. Subsequently he crafts these into clear and iconic images; oddly oversize "toy" that alienate and unsettle through their sheer size and use of materials, such as Rubber Duck (2007): an inflatable giant-sized representation of a rubber duck bath-toy that has been seen in harbors across the world, from France to Brazil, New Zealand to Hong Kong, and from Pittsburgh to even Santiago in Chili. They are immediately identifiable and have an instant appeal. The attention Hofman gives to his surrounding let him examine the possibility of material and explore the essence and the beauty of form and shape. He expends his imagination by merging the local culture into his artwork and evoke the missing interaction. Social engagement and intercommunication are the key elements on Hofman's creation. Hofman generates an encounter for the audience to his universal aesthetic by sharing his drive for sculpture in public space. The joy he created allow audiences to abandon the idea of races and religions and enter the conversation with the artworks. By enlarging the creation Hofman aims to reflect the equability and insignificant of oneself.