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Yoshitomo Nara, who was born in 1959 in Aomori, Japan. He is an international distinguished contemporary artist, whose creations are mainly on illustrations almost without perspective backgrounds and emphasizing on figures instead. He's fascinated with images of children with big eyes and big heads, well known in depicting the variety of emotions showing through the character's eyes, especially his famous squint look of slight anger, depreciation or even evil. It's full of ironic meaning that he presents childhood memories and realistic experiences frequently in his works, and quite funny and amusing that he clearly and disagreeably touches the viewers directly to their hearts although he expresses in silence. In the late 1990s, he also began to create three-dimensional works, mainly making the children or puppies in his paintings into large-scale sculptures, or implemented different media into his artworks. Today his works are in collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles and so on.