Opening Reception: 03.20, 6:00 – 8:00 PM
The artist will be present at the opening reception.

Whitestone Gallery is pleased to present Toshiyuki Enoki’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong at the gallery’s Hollywood Road space. The exhibition comprises a selection of Enoki’s distinctive paintings created recent years that highlights artist’s unique visual narrative.

Enoki explores the world of myth and imagination through his paintings. Imaginative animals and figures from Greek Mythology, ancient Asian Stories, and contemporary novels are most often used motifs of Enoki’s paintings. Pegasus, dragon, phoenix, unicorn, even androids are emerging from a dreamy setting and creates an appealing visual narrative. Also, the title of the painting is taking an important part in telling the artist’s story. Many of titles of his paintings are words and names originating from Greek Mythology, and ancient Asian Stories. And tracking down the origin of the words from the title can be the clue that leads viewers to the Enoki’s visual language. To that extent, Enoki’s paintings are strongly connected with Renaissance period paintings in its themes. But instead of taking the subjects to the transcendental level like the Renaissance paintings, the artist takes the subjects to a smaller and more intimate territory and delivers more familiar sentiments. For example, in the painting titled ‘Capricorn’, Mythical Capricorns lie with a girl with a gentle smile on face and hugging each other, from the other work ‘little Phoenix’, chicks are playing on the ground peacefully. Enoki intentionally uses the familiar animals to depict the mythological creatures and it brings more pure human emotions and narratives rather than mythical powers or heroic stories. Also by using mixed media of traditional Japanese natural pigments and acrylic, the artist freely crosses the traditional Japanese style and European style of painting. This mixture of style and thematic crossover fabricate Enoki’s visual narrative something very fresh and unique.

About the Artist
Born in Tokyo 1961, Enoki studies Arts and Design at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Since 2008, he participates KAN-HIKARI EXPO in Kyoto, and installs his works at the International heritage sites like Jochi Temple, Senyu Temple and Nijo Castle. He also participated the 21st CENTURY EXHIBITION OF JAPANESE ART from 2010 to 2012 while doing solo shows throughout the Japan. He was also invited to FU-KU Project in Iwami in 2015 at Hamada City Sekisho Museum.

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Toshiyuki Enoki studied under modern and contemporary painter, Masataka Oyabu in university. He produced a series of ambitious works in which he delicately and beautifully expresses a metaphysical worldview based on cosmic awareness. Using animals, nudes, phantoms and sacred animals as his motifs, Enoki is a contemporary artist who works with lacquer painting, traditional Japanese painting and western painting that unites reality and mythology. Starting from the theories and techniques of Western painting, he aims to create global art that encompasses art elements from all over the world that are ancient and modern, beginning with the paintings of the Symbolists and incorporating classic Japanese decorative art from the Rimpa school. The result of his works are a stunning fusion of Western portraiture and Japanese pictorial forms.